Colour Psychology: The Winter Personality

We’ve teamed up with interior designer and colour fanatic, Sophie Robinson, to help you discover your colour personality. Based on the work of psychologist, Angela Wright, who studied different personalities and their relationship with colour families, Sophie (alongside brand consultant, Fiona Humberstone) uses the concept of colour psychology to split personalities into four different groups – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Here she goes into more detail about the Winter personality – someone who loves sharp, cool colours, striking patterns and pioneering designs. Sound like you? Watch the below video or read on to discover more about the Winter personality.

Here are five signs that you’re a Winter personality…

1. Winter personalities love drama and making strong design statements. Just as winter is a season of extremes in terms of design they love the same potency.

a cool fresh living room with grey sofa and marble coffee table

2. Colours are sharp, cool and saturated and they match this strength with striking patterns like geometrics.

modern living room

3. They love their homes to be a reflection of their self-assurance and are likely to choose pioneering or iconic designs.

marble table with brass candlestick

4. In terms of style they are uncompromising, always striving for coolness, glamour and style.

cool shelves with vases and candlesticks

5. In their home you’ll probably find the latest tech or luxury furnishings. Minimalists would be winter people but on the same extreme so would a dramatic maximalist pad.


Sound like you?


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