Best Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

It’s all about Danish Hygge [that’s: heurgha for the uninitiated] this year. It’s hard to translate the word into English, but family get-togethers at Christmas time definitely qualifies as hygge. It’s about enjoying special moments together, whether it’s baking and sharing a cinnamon bun or sitting by the fire talking about the old days. It’s all hygge.  

It’s getting closer to Christmas and you might not have everything under control yet. Don’t worry, there’s still time. We would suggest to do as much as possible before Christmas, to be able to enjoy the special day with family. Peeling potatoes isn’t a fun job, so why not do that and most of the food preparations the day before. You can of course adopt the same attitude to the Christmas table too. Lay it out the day before, so all you have to do is the cooking. 

Colourful lights and garlands can really brighten up a table and make it stand out. Put several garlands together to create a unique look. If you have young children at the table and don’t want to use real candles then metallic garlands or battery operated fairy lights (thus eliminated a trailing cord towards the plug point) are a great option. We like Galda and Micro.

Dining table decorated for Christmas

To make your guests feel special, put a small personalised gift with their name on each plate or use an empty wine glass to contain their name card. It doesn’t have a to be a lot, but a little something they would appreciate. The gifts could be individual or all the same. Some caramels or chocolates in a cellophane bag, decorated with tiny baubles or a sprig of greenery (take a little cutting from a Floreo branch) makes the table look very festive. It’s a nice thing to do with the family and can be done way ahead of time.  

Sintra dinner plates with crackers and glasses

Tree decorations can look just as great or better on the table as they do on the Christmas tree. Paper decorations like the one in the photo below injects colour to the table (get the look with Noella which works well if you fancy a more neutral colour palette).

Christmas table decorations

Some traditions, like crackers and turkey would be hard to break, but why not do something different and serve the post-dinner cheese as a fondue, or finish the meal with a chocolate fondue in addition to the figgy pudding? It’s Christmas after all! It’s a bit of unexpected fun and something for your guests to remember.

Cheese fondue

Wishing you a happy, hygge Christmas!

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