Modern Dining Room Furniture Ideas From Today’s Coolest Habitats

A dining room is all about gathering a group of your favourite people around the table to share some delicious food, good wine and plenty of conversation. Make sure your stylish décor is the hot topic at the table by taking inspiration from our round up of dining rooms from Today’s Coolest Habitats.

Anthony Burrill

Known for his bold, statement-making artworks, Anthony Burrill stays true to his design aesthetic with his minimal yet striking dining room décor. Nothing quite grabs the attention like primary red, but rather than drowning the room with saturated colour, Anthony uses flashes of it to punctuate an otherwise neutral colour palette. A graphic apple print and contrasting red table legs work together to create a cool, stylish atmosphere that ticks all the boxes for modern-day living.

anthony burrill dining room

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Alice Levine

Alice proves that you don’t need a huge area to create an inviting dining space. Light and airy, her kitchen-come-dining-room is flooded with light from 4 huge sash windows, making it the perfect spot for a gathering. It’s such a nice space to spend time, in fact, that Alice uses it for all aspects of her day to day life including “drinking tea, working, chatting and eating!” The white dining area is brightened further with colourful accessories – the greenery and copper accessories are unmissable here, shining out against the neutral colour palette. With a contemporary industrial feel, Alice’s YEOMAN table is perfect for the informal supper club evenings she hosts with best friend and business partner, Laura Jackson.

alice levine dining room

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Donna Air

On the more classic end of the design spectrum, the focal point of Donna’s dining room is a large rustic wooden table. The location of many a social occasion, Donna says “the table has many great memories around it. Thank God tables can’t talk.” We wish it could! Every piece of the room serves a stylish purpose without taking away from the other, from the monochrome Marilyn print to the statement vase on the table. A pendant placed above the dining table draws the eye to the centre of the room, marking out the dining space, as well as providing a warming glow when the sun goes down.

donna air dining room

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Henry Holland

Henry’s home perfectly reflects his quirky and colourful design style. He likes to use a plain backdrop to let the colour and print really stand out. In his dining room he achieves this through a conversation-starting gallery wall and multi-coloured bench, as well as a mid-century inspired cabinet to showcase vibrant decorative accessories and personal possessions. Perfect for party-loving Henry, a round table is the most sociable option, while the glass top opens up the room making it ideal for small dining areas.

henry holland dining room

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Feeling inspired? As you can see, whatever the space and budget you have to play with, clever dining room design can help you create the atmosphere that’s right for you. What are you waiting for?

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