Get Your Garden Summer-Ready This Bank Holiday

Impending long, languid days relaxing, impromptu barbecues and spending every second in a real-life ‘living’ room are all good reasons to take advantage of the upcoming 3 day weekend and prep your garden for summer.

Clear The Debris

If you’re anything like us, your garden is still suffering from a winter hangover. Sweep up fallen leaves, deadhead any neglected plants, trim off any dead stems and clear pathways and flowerbeds of weeds. If you have any climbing plants they are probably in full flower so tie back any strands that have come loose so you can make the most of their blooms.

Nourish Your Pots

Smash up any cracked pots so you can use these as crocks for any new planters you plan to add to your garden scheme. Think about what these might be – a way of adding colour, for example. Look at the space you have available for a cluster of new pots and measure this space.

When you go shopping you can arrange the pots in-store to ensure they’ll fit. Pots of different heights, colour and material will add interest. Permanent pots can be topped up with new compost to refresh the soil.


A change is as good as a rest, they say. Re-jig your outside space by rearranging its layout. Look at alternatives for your seating area which will really inject excitement for the coming months. When doing this it might be an idea to think about the daily path of the sun – consider that this will shine higher in the sky during midsummer.

Black metal garden table set

If dustbins and recycling tubs are becoming an eyesore, find a wall to place these against and screen them off with bamboo-filled troughs. If you have potted plants, look at their condition and consider whether they may thrive better in a different area of your garden this summer.


Wooden furniture may well be looking a bit weather-beaten. Now’s the time to give it a good wipe down and treat it with oil so you can really enjoy it this summer. Our buying guides contain more tips on keeping all types of garden furniture looking fantastic.

Wooden table with white frame

Out With The Old, In With The New

If that garden chair is looking too rickety to survive another summer or the mice got to the deckchair that’s been stored in the garden shed all winter, you can treat yourself to something new. This is the best time to buy as stores are full to the rafters with the brand new garden range – you’ll have the pick of the designs, plus an entire summer stretching ahead of you in order to enjoy it. Just don’t forget to grab a bottle of Pimm’s on the way home – the perk of a British summer is that sunshine could be just around the corner.

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