Get the Look: Mary Portas’ Interior Design Ideas

There was no hiding our excitement at the latest target in our Habitat Voyeur series: none other than the formidable Mary Portas (click here for a tour by the lady herself). What we’d give for a natter on Mary’s chartreuse sofa whilst gazing through that wall of windows…*sigh*. Whilst we can’t promise you Grayson Perry tapestries, there’s plenty to give you the Portas look.

Our Jed armchair is a good match for the one we catch Mary sitting on, unawares, as she indulges in her memoir.


If, like Mary, 7pm has you reclining on a sofa, glass of red in hand, then make sure it’s on our Askem sofa in sage green, which is very similar to Mary’s. Prising yourself off it several hours later will be another matter entirely.


Habitat has an amazing range of vases this season and Mary hasn’t been shy in adorning her mantelpiece with some of the most bold examples. Among them is Cadiz – finished in a reactive glaze which results in making each one unique. This sit alongside Jackson and Renzo. Clustered together they make a real statement but a solitary vase can be equally striking against a white or grey backdrop.


Although Mary is looking to replace the lampshade in her living room, it just goes to show that even the most stylish homes have thrifty style icons. The Boule  Japonaise was first launched in the 1960’s and is a Habitat classic.


We love how Mary litters her home with pictures, posters and photos (some even insouciantly propped up against the wall, just ‘so’). Simple frames like those in our Bacall range really make the artwork sing. They come in both black and white.



Sitting alongside Mary’s mid-century modern style sofa, you’ll spot our Coby baskets. Chic homes thrive on good storage. Two-toned in colour and coming as a set of three, they are woven in Vietnam from the fast growing and sustainable water hyacinth; ticking the boxes for both stylish and ethical.


No need to fear The Portas Review now – you’ll pass with flying colours!

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