Get the Look: Pandora Sykes Interior Style

Pandora Sykes. Just the name invokes thoughts of a very stylish lady. We were thrilled to feature her recently as part of our Habitat Voyeur series, dedicated to sticking our noses in the abodes of the UK’s most creative. Fashion Features Editor and Wardrobe Mistress at the Sunday Times Style, Pandora lives in Notting Hill with her fiancé, flatmate and kitten, Indi.

Pandora has made a name for herself with her quirky and unique style; a look that doesn’t stop with her clothes. Her home interior is littered with travel finds and mementos, statement pieces and personal collections. Shelves are piled high with magazine and books and topped with her prized crab in a bell jar; mismatched vases are arranged in clusters; button-back velvet loveseats come in the brightest shade of pink. All this attests to the mantra of making a house a home and, as Pandora says herself, “no-one wants to live in a museum”!

We think that the following Habitat treasures wouldn’t look amiss in Pandora’s wonderful world and can help you recreate her whimsical look.

1. Tommy twin head floor lamp

Floor Lamp

2. Aggie reactive glaze vase in orange


3. Edric cushion


4. Alvito terracotta platter


5. Magda mug in turquoise


Read Pandora’s blog:


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