Homing In: 5 Stylish Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

If the perils of city living have had an unfavourable effect on your bedroom’s square footage or the tiny guest room is looking more dumping ground than boudoir, there’s a high chance you’ll need to get savvy with your small bedroom storage. Some clever small bedroom storage solutions will have you eking the most out of your slumber sanctuary.


Let’s start with the bedside table, but not as you know it. Using wall mounted bedroom storage and shelving within smaller bedrooms will free up valuable floor space and help declutter. It also allows you to neatly arrange your belongings – books on one shelf, a light and a radio on another. There’ll be home for everything and it will look stylish. Smaller items, like jewellery and mementos can be placed inside small scale storage boxes. A leaning bookcase where the unit balances on two legs and braces itself against the wall also works on the basis of a tiny foot print and increases the feeling of space. You could even think about attaching a wall mounted shelf above the headboard if there isn’t the space beside the bed. Clip on lights will allow you to angle its beam for optimal bedtime reading, even though the shelf is high above your (sleepy!) head.

Bedroom with rattan side table and light, white textured bedding and plants



One piece of furniture that not only does two jobs but ones of those jobs is being a master of storage – this could be your knight in shining armour. An upholstered bedroom storage bench placed at the foot of a bed or under the window provides a comfy spot to sit and put your socks on, then flip its lid for hidden storage. Or think about a low-level bedroom storage unit which could work as bedroom seating as well as valuable storage space. For items that don’t need to be accessed regularly, look to a side table with a removable lid. A platform bed with a slatted mattress base which can be lifted to store all manner of bedding essentials and bedroom clutter. It’s the Houdini of the boudoir. 

Modular bedroom storage that can be custom arranged within the space available makes use of every inch – make sure you consider overhead bedroom storage, which utilises dead space. Store items here that you don’t need every day.

Slim, 6 drawer chest of drawers



Under the bed

If you have the money to invest in an update then the simple solution here is to buy a bed with integrated storage drawers. But if you already have a bed and it’s on legs, you have a whole wealth of space hidden right under your sleep station. It’s a great place to store things you don’t need every day such as bedding and out-of-season clothing. Pick some zippered fabric storage. Filling these with items that have already been vacuum packed into plastic storage bags means you’ll be able to cram even more in. If your bed is particularly high-rise, you can go to town with statement storage that is beautiful enough to arrange so it is just peeking out from underneath the bed. Draw the eye by colour coordinating it with your bedlinen.

Oak 2 door wardrobe with hanging rail and mirror

Wardrobes – from top to bottom!

When selecting wardrobes for small bedrooms, look to tall and slim so you get mileage out of every inch of space available. Utilise the dead space below your hanging clothes to store shoes and accessories. Some small bedroom wardrobes don’t actually go right up to the ceiling so this is somewhere you can indulge in some statement clothing storage. If space is really minimal think about a clothes rail. Not as cumbersome as conventional wardrobes, its ‘open’ design will make the room feel more spacious.

Back of a Door

A nifty piece of kit you need for this overlooked space is a panel of fabric pockets. Here you can store all manner of things – underwear, shoes, hats/scarves/gloves, accoutrements for your beauty regime – and they’ll take up literally no space. In fact, by storing your hairdryer, straightener and various other electrical paraphernalia, you clear the floor of all those ghastly looking wires.


Small spaces might not seem conducive to multiple activities but defining zones within your bedroom can actually make it feel more spacious; by being clever with scale you can have an arrangement of bedroom storage cabinets to fit the bill. Take the humble dressing table (currently having a style resurgence), for example. You may initially dismiss it as a luxury, but it’s truly transformative how one piece of furniture can streamline the overall look of a room, eliminating clutter along the way. Pick well and its smaller-sized drawers can help you ‘file’ your bedroom storage, its top can work as an additional surface space (like a bedside table, as seen in the image below), it can give you a place to rest your derriere and incorporate a decent sized mirror.

Bedroom drawers are the obvious way of to get the most out of your storage. Not only will does it provide much needed storage space, but it will also keep those not-so-beautiful items out of sight. A bedside table of a decent size can house books, magazines, electrical devices and cords, even beauty essentials and clothing if you’re really pushed for space. A chest of drawers is a bedroom must-have – choosing a taller design will allow you to benefit from increased storage within a smaller footprint.

Oak 4 drawer chest



Surfaces offer space, which offers storage. But you don’t want to simply create a magnet for dust. Life’s too short to clean jewellery, lotions and potions, hair accessories and make-up on the regular, so instead invest in some smaller bedroom storage boxes to store your knick knackery, which you can display on flat surfaces.

On a larger scale bedroom storage baskets and storage trunks work well under beds and on tops of wardrobes. Veer towards lidded options to minimise dust collection. A storage chest or ottoman is the perfect choice for larger items, such as bedlinen storage, duvets and pillows.


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