Homing In: Bring Colour To Your Bathroom With Art & Accessories

Lack of space, the proximity of water, not to mention the realm of ‘tasks’ that are undertaken there, mean that the bathroom is often thought of as more function that fun. But given that it’s somewhere that you’re in and out of all day long, wouldn’t it be better to give your bathroom decor the attention it deserves and consider it as a place that’d be nice to actually hang out in? After all, it could be a room that you while away minutes or indeed hours (we’re talking baths here, cheeky!). Bathrooms needn’t be boring. Give yourself something pretty to look at, inject a bit of colour and this space could become a relaxing, inspiring and beautiful space in its own right.

What Are The Best Bathroom Colours?

You can attack bathroom colours in the same way that you’d plan any other room in your home. A certain degree will come down to personal taste combined with the general mood you’d like to feel when when spending time in there. In the same way that a living room might function as a place to ‘kick back’ and be painted in calming hue, and the dining room is seen as an area for entertaining and therefore might be able to get away with more punchy tone, a bathroom, big or small, can be targeted in the same manner. Keep an eye out for special paint blends which react against mildew and mould. Here we pick out some of our favourite bathroom paint colour ideas to get you inspired.


The major watery theme literally running through a bathroom is hardly a surprise and you may choose to run with it too, after all nautical themed bathrooms are an enduring choice. Blue is a traditionally calming colour and a bathroom is, more often than not, somewhere where you will spend time alone so a room of blues will help relax the mind and body. Think about making a statement using a whole room of rich, deep blues. This looks incredible accessorised with taps and other metalware in brushed brass (very Moroccan hammam). Glossy tiles will add to the water-based connotations.

If you prefer your blues of a paler hue, lie back and think of think of New England and the Hamptons. Accessorise blue walls with white tiling and a tongue and groove bath surround and wall cladding painted in white.

If blue isn’t your thing look to green. Fresh and clean in its most traditional guise and, again, it looks fantastic highlighted with brass. But don’t be afraid to go dark in creating your bathing haven. Which brings us nicely onto…


Bathroom paint colour needn’t be all light and bright. Throw caution to the wind and go dark. Dark colours in a small bathroom create feelings of comfort and protection and give a den-like quality. This is definitely something you should consider if you’re a ‘bath person’ – dark bathroom colours lend themselves so perfectly to whiling away an evening in bubbles, by candlelight. Look to dark navy, rich burgundy, steely grey or forest green.


What can we say? It’s simple, striking and sanitary which is really all you want your bathroom to be. We love the timeless combination of white porcelain, white walls, white tiles, white floor all outlined with a fine line of dark grey grout. There’s a reason why it’s a look that’s all over Instagram and Pinterest. It really highlights plants (ferns are a fab choice for the bathroom, loving as they do a damp environment). It’ll also allow your accessories to sing. Any kind of hardware (taps, showerheads etc) goes with it too – brass, copper, silver and matt black. It’s a design that’ll stand the test of time.

Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Don’t think there a place for art in the bathroom? Think again. Admittedly we wouldn’t advise hanging your Monet’s in here but framed prints are well suited, turning a bathroom from functional space to happy hang out. Condensation can be a worry for bathroom wall art but as long as the room is well ventilated, and given a good airing post-steamy shower, your pictures will survive.

There are really no rules for what you should pick as far as bathroom wall art ideas are concerned, as long as it’s something you like. Keep with a theme or use this as an area to feature something you’ve always loved; like typography, band tour posters or pressed flora and fauna. There’s no reason why bathroom walls shouldn’t be treated in exactly the same way as other walls in the home; art softens the edges, brings personality, creates a homely feel, injects colour, as well as bringing focus to a previously overlooked room.

If you have a window-less bathroom, here’s a top tip for displaying bathroom pictures: spray mount the print to the backing board of a frame, smoothing on evenly so there are no air bubbles. This will ensure any moisture in the air doesn’t pucker the print over time. If moisture really is a problem you can look to true wall art – wall mounted 3 dimensional sculptures which can be dusted and wiped down with no ill-effects.

Add Some Quality Bathroom Accessories

Just because something does a job doesn’t mean it can’t be made a feature of.  Bathroom textiles can make all the statement you need. Pick a coordinating roller blind to fit your scheme. Blinds in a bathroom are much needed to maintain a degree of privacy but can also provide colour. If you’ve got the space there’s even the option to go for a bathroom rug – or channel that ‘rug’ vibe into your bath mat and towels for a more practical take on the idea.

A bathroom mirror is an absolute necessity so pick a style to really set off your bathroom, ensuring it’s big enough to share when you’re all cleaning your teeth at the same time. Even the smallest bathroom can carry off a large mirror. If you’ve picked a theme, such as the sea, select nautical bathroom accessories to enforce the look – such as a towel rail, toilet roll holder and storage all made out of wood.

Buy quality bathroom accessories that stand the test of time and you’ll be using them for years to come. From towel hook to toilet brush, a stylish choice brings joy to the practical.

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