Hosting a World Cup party?

It’s hot (finally), you’ve agreed to host the party for the world cup match and you find yourself short of enough chairs and plates!

Lucky enough, the colours of the Brazilian team are hot on trend right now. Everywhere you look there are bright yellows and greens, they are happy summer colours and they’re perfect to liven up your decor.


Perfect for a party, our Parc chair folds away after use and is brilliant for when you have a swarm of guests turn up on your door step and you need extra seating!


Benny. We love him. Not only can you curl up and lounge around on him, he is waterproof so you can lounge around comfortably outdoors!


Everyone loves a BBQ, right? If you don’t want to fork out hundreds for a big BBQ that you will only use a few months of the year, perhaps you just spend the £30- yes, we said only £30!! on this lovely compact lime green one by Bodum.


If you end up purchasing said BBQ, you will need a flipper to turn your bacon, eggs, sausages or whatever you choose to cook your guests. This one from Joseph Joseph is jumbo sized and has a serrated edge to help to divide your food into portions as you cook.


So, you’ve successfully managed to seat everybody and cook up a storm, the only thing left is to serve it up and eat! We love the brightly coloured Evora yellow plates for any summer party whether it be in or outdoors.

Enjoy the football, all!

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