House Plants For Every Space

It seems you can’t fire up Instagram or Pinterest without being bombarded with inspirational greenery as the move to transform your home into a jungle becomes the trend du jour. But what if you’re not green-fingered? What if you don’t have clue what plants work where? What if all the pictures are of airy lofts and you live in a dark basement? How do you translate the trend to actual real life? Well, we’ve got the girl with just the credentials you’re looking for to start building your own leafy oasis. Nik Southern, founder of the cult London florists, Grace & Thorn, is on the brink of launching her first book, How Not To Kill Your Plants, and being the kind of straight-talking, we-all-make-mistakes kinda gal we love, she’s has no airs and graces when it comes to botanical advice – she’s even coined the hashtag #greenupyourgaff to get us confidently living with green.

So, listen up, leaf lovers. Here she gives us the rundown on which plants work where.

A Sucker For Succulents

Succulents are perfect for a windowsill. These plants are from the desert and love a dry, bright environment. There are so many varieties of succulents and they look great clustered in a group or individually spaced out for a more statement-lead, architectural display.

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grace and thorn succulents cactus inspiration

From Basement To Rainforest

Don’t get depressed about dingy living. For a basement flat, look at ferns. These grow at the bottom of rainforest and are great at adapting to dark, damp environments. They love the moisture and flourish well in this space.

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house plants fern inspiration

Supersize Me

A cheese plant is a perfect big statement for a sitting room. They are really low maintenance and look incredible whatever size your room is. Don’t be afraid to make a big plant statement even in a small space!

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house plants cheese plant inspiration

High-rise Living

On your shelf use string of hearts. These are beautiful, delicate long hanging succulents that drape amazingly. As they are succulents (even though they don’t look like them), they are really easy to look after and love the light so keep them up high.

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house plants string of hearts inspiration

Fireside Frolics

house plants spiderplant inspirationFor the mantlepiece, add a cluster of spider plants. These couldn’t be easier to look after and when they start having spider plant babies, the plants look really lovely and like they are literally having a party. Keep on your mantle so you can celebrate when the babies start growing and so they have lots of room to drape.

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house plants spider plant inspiration
If you’re still looking for inspiration, be sure to pop into Grace & Thorn’s pop up at Habitat’s Tottenham Court Road for the whole of the month of May. You can talk to the experts, get a preview of Nik’s book, attend workshops and see for yourself what might work in your own home.

Photography sources: Cheese plant images via Instagram @designvintageuk & @plantrepreneur, string of hearts images via Instagram @katelavie, fern images via Instagram @bystudiomai & Tumblr @myidealhome, spider plant image via Instagram @s_tsuyu & Pinterest @Haarkon. All other images Grace & Thorn.

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