Houseplant Trends For 2019

The trend for bringing the outside in doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, if anything it’s growing. We sat down with Sophie Lee, the greenery guru behind botanical styling brand geo-fleur, to discover the top houseplant trends we can expect to see in 2018.


People are moving away from cacti and succulents, as they are the beginners of the houseplants, and going for some more sculptural plants, such as the banana palm, or the easy-to-keep monstera deliciosa (the swiss cheese plant).

black plant pots


There is such a trend on Instagram at the moment of people taking snaps of groups of plants, so not just one or two plants on your window sill, but 12-15 plants all stacked together. In fact, research has shown that this not only looks Instragram-wrothy but has its benefits too, as plants grouped together have a better growth rate!



The top plants to invest in for 2018 are:

  • Senecio rowleyanus – string of pearls OR ceropegia woodii – string of hearts- these are both great to be trailing down a bookcase, but don’t forget about it as they will shrivel up!

Selection of plant pots in the kitchen

  • Maranta leuconeura – prayer plant – this is a great next step plant to your collection as they have the most magnificent leaves, and once the light levels change between light and dark, the plant moves up and down, hence why it is called the prayer plant!

Selection of plants

  • Pilea peperomioides – or pancake plant – this beautiful round leaved plant, is super easy to care for, as when it needs watering its stems and leaves go droopy, plus it produces lots of babies, which is great to share with your friends so they can also have a family of pilea!

Stackable plants

  • Spider plants – the mother of all easy plants, easy to care for, easy to propagate, plus it’s air purifying! The trend is to have a really established spider plant, with lots of babies hanging down, the volume of the leaves looks great hanging in a plant hanger from the ceiling.

spider-plant on shelves

Calathea ornata, in fact this is my favourite of the calathea family, as the patterns on this beautiful plant almost look painted on. It is rather needy plant, so keep the humidity levels high, and make sure it gets lots of light.

  • Fishbone cactus – easy to care for hanging plant, has a fantastic leaf shape, almost like ric-rac!

fishbone cactus


Want to learn more plant-based tips? Plant lovers (and killers) will be able to explore houseplants in depth throughout April and May 2018 with workshops being held at Habitat Tottenham Court Road.

Discover more tips, tricks and how-to guides from Sophie Lee at and on geo-fleur’s Instagram.

All images are taken from our Today’s Coolest Habitat’s shoot at Sophie Lee’s London pad. Take a peek >

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