How To Care For Your Rug

A rug can be the the anchor that pulls your entire interior space together and if you’ve invested in one, the chances are you’ll want to keep it looking great. Flatweaves and pile rugs require slightly different methods of care and attention, but overall the message is the same: treat it like a doormat and it’ll begin to look like one!

Bedding In

When you first get your rug, unroll or unfold it and lay it out flat. Give it time to relax so it flattens naturally and any creases drop out. Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt with a rotating brush attachment.

Green sofa with multi-coloured rug on the floor

Accidents Happen

Minor spills can be mopped up but please take heed: always blot, never rub! Rubbing distorts the fibres, can cause balding and runs the risk of colour fade. Blot the stain with an absorbent towel to remove as much liquid as possible. Ensure you use a water based shampoo to blot away the stain (taking care not to over-saturate the rug with water). Blot again with a damp cloth to remove the detergent. Allow the rug to fully dry before placing it back in situ. Serious spillages are going to need the advice of the professionals. Do not dry clean your rug, instead send it to a professional carpet cleaner for a deep clean.

Trim, Don’t Pull

Remember what happens to the hem of a skirt when you pull a loose thread? Well, do that to your rug and the result is far more depressing. You can cause irreversible damage pulling a thread – from puckering to going threadbare, as well as upsetting any pattern in the weave. So if you spot a longer than normal thread, trim it with a pair of scissors. All Habitat rugs are made of natural fibers and shedding is totally normal.

The Great Rotate

Put your nice new rug in front of your sofa, bathed in the sunlight of a big window? Looks stunning, doesn’t it? Yeah, well if you want to avoid one side looking downtrodden and a general muted tone being bleached along the other, you need to rotate, my dear. Do this occasionally, say once every month or so, and your rug will be all the happier for it.

Grey 3 seater sofa with orange rug on the floor

And finally…

A rug is not a playmat. Babies love different textures and they like to put everything in their mouths so, it almost goes without saying: don’t leave young children unattended, in general life of course but, additionally, on rugs.

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