How To: Create A Festive Floral Arrangement

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the finer details of the big day. One of which being your Christmas table centrepiece. It’s lucky then that florists Worm London are on hand to show us how easy it can be to incorporate flowers into your festive table and create festive floral arrangements with ease. Take it away…

Worm London’s Festive Floral Centrepiece

We foraged a few bits for our arrangement and added some flowers. We used a few different pines and juniper berries and grasses and lichen branches for extra wildness but anything will work for this!

You’ll Need…

  •  A vase, preferably not transparent as you will see the mechanics. (We used an old jelly mould)
  • A small square of chicken wire (enough to loosely fit in the vase)
  • Scissors or secateurs
  • Wire cutters
  • Florist pot tape or thin strips of gaffer tape
  • Various foliages and flowers of your choice (make it more interesting by choosing materials with different textures and contrasting colours)

christmas floral centrepiece how to

Here’s How…

  • Use a wire cutters to cut a small square of chicken wire.
  • Manipulate the chicken wire into a globe type shape to fit in your vessel and place it loosely inside, not pushing it down deep inside. This will act as an inner frame for your stems so that they do not all fall to one side.

christmas flower arrangement how to

  • Fill the vessel with water.
  • Using florist pot tape or thin strips of gaffer tape make a cross of tape over the vessel and the wire to keep the frame in place.
  • Prepare all your foliage and flowers, snipping the stems on a diagonal so that they get a proper drink.
  • Think about how the arrangement will be viewed. If it is a table centre arrangement you will need to cover the arrangement on all sides so that it looks great from all angles. If it is going to sit on a shelf or fireplace you can concentrate on just the front having structure.
  • Use different length stems to add a bit of wildness.
  • When the foliage has covered most of the mechanics start placing the flowers in making sure that the bottom of the stems are immersed in water. Use larger focal flowers to draw in the eye and smaller grasses or bits to add wildness.
  • Foraged sticks add a real winter wildness to the arrangement.
  • Be sure to top the arrangement up with water if it is in a warm environment.

christmas floral centrepiece how to

Want  your arrangement to last longer? Consider using faux flowers instead.

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