How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Take advantage of that blank canvas sitting in the middle of your living room and decorate your coffee table so it becomes more of a focal point in your room.

With the right decor, a coffee table can bring a burst of colour and life to your space. Whether you prefer an organised chaos approach or something a little more minimal, we highlight a few simple ways to add some extra flair to your coffee table.

1. Keep it balanced 

The easiest way to achieve a balanced look is symmetry. Whilst your objects don’t have to be matching, make sure they balance each other out in terms of size, colour and tone.

Wooden coffee table with magazines

2. Include one statement piece 

Make a style-statement with one eye-catching item like a large plant or vase. Just make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the coffee table by looking too big and save some space to place a mug (or two).

3. Use the rule of 3

For a foolproof and easy way of decorating your coffee table, follow the rule of 3. You don’t want to clutter your table, so simply choose 3 different elements to decorate your coffee table with.

Gold coffee table with vases and plates on top
side table with yellow tray top and vases

4. Use a tray 

Another easy way to tie your pieces together is by grouping them together on a stylish tray. Not only is it a practical solution to moving things with ease, it also acts as an on-trend way to display your favourite things.


5. Add a floral arrangement 

Never underestimate the impact a bright bouquet of flowers can make when placed inside a statement vase. Not only do they bring freshness to a room, they also add a burst of colour to your space.


6. Make it maximalist 

Not the minimal type? Go all out and fill your coffee table with a medley of books, candles, magazines and anything else that makes you happy!

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