How To: Make A Gift Wrap Mini Wreath

With Christmas right around the corner, give your gifts a more personal touch this year by adding mini wreaths made of clematis vine to your packages, courtesy of Katie and Terri of Worm London. Because, let’s be honest, gorgeous gifts deserved to be perfectly wrapped.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know how to give your festive gifts a personal touch, but these wreaths do just that. They add a little elegance and uniqueness to a gift and rather than being recycled with the rest of the Christmas wrapping, they can be hung on a window or door using the string from the rest of the parcel. These small wreaths are not time-consuming to make, and also look really attractive as place settings at a dinner table, or hung with a ribbon from the backs of chairs – they could even be used as favours at a winter wedding. These are great to make with family or friends as they are small and easy to put together. Here we have decorated them very simply, but you could make them as elaborate as you want. Add pine or ivy for a festive feel, or perhaps add a sprig of mistletoe if the recipient is someone special.”

You’ll need…


  • 1 piece of clematis vine, 50cm (20in) in length for the wreath base
  • Twine
  • Scissors

Flowers + foliage 

  • 5 stems of dried heather or other dried flower such as lavender or gypsophila


Make a basic wreath. For small wreaths it may not be necessary to tie the vines together as they may stay in a wreath shape naturally. Cut the pieces of dried heather or other dried flowers into lengths of 10–12.5cm (4–5in) long.

Gift wrapped in Irish linen with wreath decoration
Gift wrapped in Irish linen with a clematis vine wreath

Starting on one side, and working clockwise, feed the stems through the wreath structure – this should be tight enough to keep them in place. Cut off any excess foliage from the back of the wreath that may be visible from the front when it is lying flat. Using a piece of twine, weave it in and out of the wreath and around the wrapped gift.


  • We wrapped our gifts in Irish linen that we buy from our local haberdashery. Calico or kraft brown paper also works well.
Gift wrapped in Irish linen and a clematis vine wreath

Now all you need is the perfect gift to wrap…


This step by step guide is taken from ‘WREATHS: Fresh, Foraged and Dried Floral Arrangements‘ by Katie Smyth and Terri Chandler (Quadrille, £14.99) Photography: Kristin Perers.

Now you’ve got the wrapping sorted, why not tick the gifts off of your list too.

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