Top Tips To Keep Your Sofa Looking Its Best

Sofa care tips

We know that life has far more to offer than plumping sofa feathers, but the chances are the place you rest your tired bones at the end of a long day cost you a fair bob and it would be nice if those cushions stopped sliding ever closer to the floor, and your back was supported by something that didn’t resemble an overfilled sausage.

The QA (that’s Quality Assurance to those who don’t know) team here at Habitat HQ feel your pain and a few minutes maintenance will get your sofa looking tip top again. So you can get back to trying out that new craft ale you picked up on the way home from work and bingeing on Game of Thrones.

You’re welcome.

Getting your sofa super again:

  • Remove all the cushions from your sofa.
  • Starting with one of the seat cushions, up-end it onto one of its sides and drop it onto the floor (a gentle drop from about thigh height is fine, we’re not training for the WWF here).
  • Repeat this with each of the four sides of the cushion and replace on the sofa frame.
  • Do this for the remaining seat cushions and follow with any back cushions. They’ll be so plump you might have to ease them in a bit when putting back where they came from.
  • Aim to do this about once a week, or whenever your sofa’s looking a bit sad. We all need a bit of love and attention from time to time.


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