Stylish Lights And How To Introduce Them Into Your Home

As the longer days start to draw in, we naturally spend more time indoors. The arrival of autumn and the chilly winter nights means we take sanctuary in our homes, preferring a cosy, warm environment to our summer evenings on the patio. It follows that the way we light our indoor space is incredibly important, yet something we don’t always give time and effort to, even though it can change the feel of our interior as well as have an impact on our emotions.

Stylish and Practical

Wooden ceiling shade suspended over dining table

Lighting doesn’t have to be simply practical. There are lots of on-trend pieces that add flair and personality to a room. Pick something with colour to accent your home décor, linking it to other colours in the scheme. Choose a style that works with other pieces you have, old or new, and that can be adapted in different rooms. Don’t be afraid to choose a bolder style of floor lamp, particularly if you want to make a statement. Bold doesn’t have to mean big though, and often a smaller style shade will be just as dramatic as something large and striking.

Choosing the Right Type

Black Metal Table Lamp With Shade on bedside table

Decide on what kind of lighting you need for a space so it can be both practical and beautiful. For reading or activities and hobbies you’ll need some task lighting, like an angled floor lamp or a directional table lamp. To create a softer glow and ambience use table lamps around the room. Add smaller table lamps to your bedroom side table, wall lights to really help light a room, and low level lighting to add drama and shade. Mixing up these styles will help give your interior depth and interest so play around and see what kind of shadows you can create.

Making a Statement

Black wire shade over oak dining table set

The right kind of light or lamp can be used to create a focal point in a room. Take a pendant lamp for example, hung above a dining table or sofa, it can draw the eye into the room, dictating the style and setting the tone. Similarly, smaller lamps placed in groups on a shelf or table can be dramatic, as can floor lamps strategically placed.

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it should be one of the most exciting elements in your home. As we spend more and more time indoors on dark nights, the way we light our homes has incredible significance and needs to be well thought through and executed. Above all, have fun exploring your lighting options and don’t be afraid to be creative with your how you light a room.

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