Modern Bedroom Colours And Design Ideas To Help You Relax

You can give your bedroom a modern lift and still keep it very cosy and relaxing. Changing up colours will completely change the room’s mood, and contemporary designs are excellent for opening up spaces and handling clutter better. Choosing essential bedroom accessories with a modern look is also an easy win to update your space with contemporary style.

What are the best bedroom colours for sleeping and relaxing?

As you can imagine, soothing tones are the way to go, and some of the most relaxing bedroom colours are shades of blue. It’s the colour of the sky and sea. Perhaps that connection with nature and the vastness of skies and oceans creates a calming effect. Either way, it can help make a room feel relaxing and help you to drift off easier. It’s also a colour that gives you a wide scope of tones to choose from. Deep shades and lighter hues of blue will bring the same tranquil vibe with them. Going with a slightly lighter shade is good for a room that don’t get much natural light. This will make it seem brighter in daytime, but it’ll still have that feeling of calmness to help you get some good shut-eye.

Grey upholstered bed frame with blue bed linen and throws

If blue isn’t quite your thing, you can go with green instead. Avoid going too lurid though; dark and forest greens are the best calming tones. Green has connotations of renewal, and that’s ideal for the spot where you clock up your beauty sleep. Like blue, it feels natural and earthy without making the room gloomy like some brown tones can. Though a good alternative to that is terracotta. It’ll bring some Tuscany-style warmth into the space. If you want another colour that leans towards cosy, look at yellow. It makes a space feel warm and relaxing. If you feel that even muted tones might be too bright, it will work well in tandem with other colours in the décor – particularly with blue, green and grey. Grey is also often used on bedroom walls and furniture as it’s an unobtrusive shade with a lot of versatility. If you’d like it for your walls but are concerned it may feel somewhat drab, you could always go for a silver shade. Silver tones can look very elegant and bring a relaxed feel with them. Subtle greys and silvers are also great options in a patterned wall as they won’t be visually overpowering in place where relaxation needs to reign.

Modern furniture for contemporary bedrooms

Let’s start where you settle down for the night: the bed. Choosing one of Habitat’s contemporary bed frames can be a great way to give your bedroom a modern update. For that, metallic designs are always a good call. The pared back, slender outlines will instantly bring a modernising effect to the space. You can also choose from a range of colours. Go for a classic black frame or select a brighter hue that will bring some vibrancy without overpowering the room.

Bright and airy is also a thoroughly modern décor trend. And white bed frames will help you get that coveted Scandinavian-inspired look. They look clean and uncluttered. They’ll also add a touch of reflectivity and let light travel better around the room. This will make it feel extra spacious. Natural materials in earthy tones can bring a modern touch too. Leather bed frames look sleek and feel opulent to lounge up against. They add a real luxe feel to the décor to go with that unmistakeable texture. Oak frames are unquestionably charismatic too. It’s a timeless material because it works just as well in slim contemporary outlines as it does in more traditional ones. The wood grain will also add a warm, welcoming and grounded vibe into the space. And that’s ideal for the place where you need to recharge.

White bed frame with colourful bedding and throws

Recuperation aside, bedroom furniture also has to keep your possessions effectively stored and make sure clutter is out of sight. An ultra-modern way to do that is with high gloss white wardrobes. These have a very streamlined look that will have light bouncing around a treat. Get top minimalist marks for designs with push latch doors and no handles for a totally smooth outline. Oak designs will also work well here if you want a feeling of true solidity for your storage. You could also go totally modern and open plan by doing away with wardrobes altogether. Opt for a clothes rail instead. These stripped back designs will well and truly open up the room, and if your bedroom is on the small side it’ll give you a lot of space back visually. In that same vein, look at open shelving units if you need more storage. Ladder-style shapes that attach to the wall and make use of vertical space are a very stylish and contemporary way to go.

So too for your bedside table, look for designs with striking shapes and clean lines. These units are small but they can have a lot of presence. They are next to the bed so the eye is always drawn to them. That makes it a good place to make a contemporary décor statement. Modern bedside tables can come in a range of materials. For a stylish industrial touch, choose a model that features glass or metal in the design. (If you want to add a little warmth into the picture, glass and metal also work excellently with wood grain too.)

Modern bedroom lights and lamps

Metal ceiling lights are a sure fire way to add a modern touch to your bedroom décor. Copper is often the best metallic option for a relaxing ambiance; it gives off a warm, inviting glow whether it’s lit up or not. It’s contemporary and full of industrial chic but still creates a cosy vibe. Pendant designs will also emphasise the ceiling’s height and provide a greater sense of space. Copper also contrasts well with black and white in light shade designs. They will show its metallic glint off stylishly.

At a completely different part of the texture spectrum, paper shades are an affordable and very charming choice for bedroom lighting. Habitat have elegantly re-styled traditional Japanese outlines into modern, easy-to-fit designs. The shades will eradicate any harshness from overhead lights and provide a soft, chilled out glow. They provide engaging shapes to diversify the décor too. Smoked glass pendants will also give you a similar effect: soft, ambient light and eye-catching shapes.

Bedroom close up with pink upholstered bed frame and side table lamp

Those are some stylish ideas for up above, now let’s sort out what’s at your side. Bedside lamps let you settle down the mood of the room before you sleep. They are well situated so they’ll be in constant view. So it’s a great opportunity to make a contemporary style statement. They’re not so large that they dominate the space. And they won’t feel too overbearing if the shape is on the avant-garde side. Take the chance to add some daring, contemporary designs. Look at striking metallic units with ultra-slim, graphic outlines. Or, choose sweeping, streamlined metal to liven up the room’s texture blend. Modern glass shapes will also add some modern, industrial chic to the space. Blown glass provides a number of outline options. You could go for geometric, cylindrical or sphere shapes to give your bedside table a modern overhaul. Smoked glass will make sure the tone stays relaxed while coloured glass will add some extra brightness whether they are switched on or not. Beyond the bedside, if you have a corner going shine a light there too. Floor lamps give you another mood-making source. Habitat have a plethora of tall, slim line designs that look effortlessly contemporary. You can up the metallic element or add another texture in the mix with slender wooden legs and frames.

Adding the finishing touch with modern bedding and accessories

Your bed provides you an excellent canvas to bring contemporary shapes and patterns into the room. Look at bedding sets with striking patterns and vibrant colours to add a modern touch to the décor. If you’ve gone for a white-coloured and Scandi-style minimalist look in the home, they let you add some colour to proceedings. It can be uplifting yellow or calming blue. Jacquard weaves produce eye-catching designs in an array of colours and shapes. The beauty of bed linen is that you can mix it up too. If you don’t feel like bold shapes and shades at the minute, use more soothing tones for a while. You can also combine styles. Set patterned pillows on block coloured duvet covers for the best of both approaches.

After thinking about where you lay your head at night, consider where you first set foot in the morning. You can add some more colour (and comfort underfoot) with a statement rug. Like bedding, they can feature striking shapes and colour combinations. And you can also really up the warmth of a space with a wool rug. Their natural textures look and feel incredibly cosy, and will make your bedroom feel like a true slumber sanctuary. Why not add a little extra nature on top of all that? The trend for bringing the outdoors in is not slowing down, and that is no bad thing in our book. Aside from strategically placed small cacti and succulents, you could also think about larger plants or even a hanging planter. As well as being your own personal oxygen factories, they’ll add instant life, colour and contemporary charm to your bedroom.

Blue upholstered bed frame with blue bed linen and pink velvet cushions

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