Modern Living Room Ideas To Bring Your Space Up To Date

When you think about ‘modern interiors’, what springs to mind? Simple and chic or cold and impersonal? Whatever you may think, one thing’s for sure – the term ‘modern’ often divides opinion within the decorating world, and probably within your friendship group too! We’re here to show you that contemporary living rooms can be warm and welcoming, and where they may lack the frills and fancies of their more extravagant counterparts, they more than make up for it with their cool sense of style. Read on for our modern living room ideas…

Modern sofa and armchair designs

First things first, modern and minimal doesn’t have to mean hostile and unhomely. Clean lines and no-frills can still result in a cosy living area you won’t want to leave. The key is to start with a comfortable sofa and then combine this with touch-me textures to add warmth and depth to the room.  The HENDRICKS range of sofas has soft, deep cushions you won’t be able to resist, and teamed with the Moroccan-style FLOKATI rug it makes an unforgettable combination that ticks all the trend boxes.

habitat hendricks modern sofa

Shop the look: HENDRICKS sofa, FLOKATI rug, OKEN coffee table, SACHI vaseSACHI candle holder and SUEDA cushion

Arguably one of the best things about modern décor is that it is continuously evolving to optimise not just it’s fashion credentials, but its functional uses too. This multi-tasking KOTA sofa not only looks lounge-worthy but also doubles up as a comfortable bed for those last-minute overnight guests.

habitat kota sofa

Shop the look: KOTA sofa, BOBBY floor lamp, PELLY cushion and PENROSE rug

Corner sofas are also particularly popular in modern interiors, making the most of floor space, as well as often offering secret storage space. You can’t go wrong with a grey style which will seamlessly complement the rest of your décor.

habitat forde sofa

Shop the look: FORDE sofa and ATLAS bookcase

Alternatively, consider a modern leather sofa or notice-me armchair for a cool edge. Or if you fancy something a little different, a cluster of contemporary chairs for the living room can provide a modern substitute to a sofa. The great thing about modern design is that anything (that looks good) goes.

habitat smithfield leather armchair

Shop the look: SMITHFIELD armchair, PATSY mirror, HARROW rug and OMARA marble side table (coming soon)

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Contemporary living room furniture ideas

Modern design is perfect for those who favour minimalism as it strips out all unnecessary elements, resulting in a simple and streamlined aesthetic. Modern living room furniture, therefore, must earn its place in the room, offering not just style, but function too.

modern living room furniture habitat

Shop the look: SASKIA sofa, LOKI bookcase, BRODI coffee table and TILES rug

Simple furnishings and clean-lined accessories work together to create an open, airy space, but to keep things from feeling boring or sterile, it’s worth playing with furniture shapes, mixing things up with contrasting curved and straight lines. Inspired by skylines, this MORTIMER sideboard is the perfect example, demanding attention with its intriguing design and striking red legs.

habitat mortimer sideboard

Shop the look: MOTIMER sideboard and PATCH rug

Every modern living room needs at least one statement piece, and there’s no reason why it can’t be an antique, a vintage piece or something completely unusual. This ORRICO brass design is the perfect contemporary side table for a living room, shining out against the otherwise neutral colour palette.

habitat orrico side table

Shop the look: ORRICO brass side table, TOWNSEND sofa and ALIONA cushion

If your living room is on the small size, you can easily make it appear larger with a white colour palette and see-through furnishings – both of which lend themselves well to a modern aesthetic.

habitat tilda coffee table

Shop the look: TALBOT sofa, TILDA glass coffee tableHARROW rug and KURIKO marble floor lamp

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How to create ambience with modern living room lighting

The right living room lighting is essential, preventing a modern space from looking too stark and adding to the room’s overall warmth and ambience.

Contemporary living room lighting is anything but boring – think dramatic conceptual pieces and unusual lighting effects, such as the hollow-framed SHADOW light. Its thin strips of LED cast vivid slices of light against the wall and floor, making it a guaranteed talking point amongst guests.

habitat shadow light

Shop the look: TALBOT sofa, TILDA glass coffee table, HARROW rug and SHADOW light (coming soon)

Marble and brass are the materials to tap into this season, making the KURIKO light the perfect contemporary table lamp for your living room. Dimmer switches are ideal for creating ambient lighting so look for options with this feature. Softening the light will create a calming environment in which to sit back and unwind, and is also ideal for evenings spent with friends, creating an intimate, relaxing atmosphere and encouraging the flow of comfortable conversation.

habitat kuriko table lamp

Shop the look: KURIKO table lamp and TILDA coffee table

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Modern living room decorating tips and colour schemes

When it comes to modern living room colours, cooler shades in particular speak to the aesthetic of modern design.

Since contemporary interiors are all about simplicity, white is the natural go-to hue. It’s also the optimal backdrop for adding a touch of personality through wall art, soft furnishings and accessories, be it a pop of colour here or a spot of pattern there.

Made popular by the Scandi interior trend, grey has also become an increasingly desirable shade in modern lounge décor. Combine with black furniture and copper accessories for a sleek and urban look.

modern living room colours

Shop the look: NOTTINGHAM copper lamp, ROSCOE desk and LUX#7 print

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What modern living room accessories can you use to complete the look?

Modern design is generally about minimalism but that doesn’t mean your living room can’t have its own distinct personality. In fact, a contemporary living room provides the perfect foundation for a statement accessory or two. Look to boldly printed cushions to liven up the sofa, a colour-popping rug to brighten the room, or gather some modern pictures for your lounge and create a wow-factor feature wall. Vibrant prints will look great, but the graphic combination of black and white is also ideal for the often graphic sensibilities of modern design.

modern living room feature wall

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Just remember, despite the fact that there are guidelines for every style of decorating, there really are no rules. The key is to follow your own sense of style and have fun!

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