Moving Into Your First Home: Top Tips For Flying The Coop

Sam Tucker is our Textiles Buying Assistant. He recently moved out of his parents’ place and set up home for the very first time. He lives in a two-bedroomed flat in Wandsworth Town, London with his sister. Whether you’re about to cut the apron strings, making the transition from student-living to grown-up home or just trying to find your own style, here are Sam’s tips to making that big move a little less daunting.

Sam Tucker is our Textiles Buying Assistant.

◦ Overestimate everything – money, obviously (it’s not just about the interior design budget; the electricity company doesn’t care when payday is so make sure you’ve got enough saved to pay the bills) but also time, help and list lengths.

◦ Have a theme or two – focus on colour so that you don’t end up living in a jumble sale.

◦ Make lists, lots of lists – everything you have, everything you need and everything you want.

Grey chair with cream cushion and black and white stripped rug

◦ It’s all about lightinglamps and fairy lights maketh the home (the aim is that you need never use the ‘big’ light).

◦ Don’t forget the things you take for granted – like food storage boxes or a colander. Remember bathrooms don’t come with bins as standard (or toilet brushes for that matter).

Storage storage storage – your parents double built-in wardrobe is no longer your ‘go-to’ dumping ground. You’re going to have to make space for your own mess now.

photographic lamp with black sofa and cream cushion

◦ Beware of pattern – pick one and mix it with plains or ‘try before you buy’: layer them up in the shop – the retailer will be working to a colour palette so you can trust that your new collection of scatter cushions will go together.

◦ Inheriting a few things from your old home will make a new environment feel homely – but bring an edit, not the kitchen sink.

◦ Start out quite minimal – but personalise with accessories such books/frames/family photos. You’ll accumulate things in time.

flap clock and notice board

◦ Don’t buy junk, buy quality – not only will it last but you’ll be investing in the future.

◦ It’s not a student house – get a table cloth and nice crockery.

◦ Recycle, reuse, revamp – whether this is in the ethical products you buy or the pieces you inherit. Say “yes” to that bookcase your mum’s donating to your cause and then paint it to match your new style.

living room - coffee table and sofa plus table and chairs

◦ Buy cleaning products and actually use them.

◦ Have a spare duvet for mates to stay – they’ll want to live the ‘flying the coop lifestyle’ for the weekend.

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