New Max Bedroom Furniture Collection

It’s hard to believe that our Max range of furniture was designed 10 years ago. But those sleekly slatted lines, inate practicality and timeless design mean it hasn’t aged a jot and has, in fact, become one of our design classics.

Launching for SS15, we have now extended the range to include bedroom furniture. Still beautifully crafted in solid oak and oak veneer, their interiors bely a wealth of storage.

Max Wardrobe

The Max Wardrobe has rails, shelves and drawers galore. Wardrobe edits are out and guilt-free shopping is in. Its sliding doors are great space-savers.

Max Chest of Drawers

The Chest of Drawers has 3 deep drawers. Try styling the beautifully smooth oak top with a cluster of our Neroli and Cotton Scented Candles.

Max Chest

The Tall Chest has a smaller footprint but with 6 drawers to fill, it works hard on storage.

Max Bedside Table

The Bedside Table has one drawer, perfect for hiding your bedtime ablutions and the iPad you promised you would banish from your tech-free haven.

Now there’s really no excuse for disgarded jeans slung over the chair, shoes strewn across the floor or that dogeared copy of The Goldfinch balanced precariously on the edge of the bed. A magazine-ready bedroom is all yours!

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