Photographic lighting

The trend for photographic lighting is still going strong and we think you’ll love the ones we have to show you.

Ros Humphries, Habitat’s buyer for lighting, explains to us the process in which the lights are created by hand and sold on our shop floor.

That’s right, they are handcrafted!

‘We wanted to bring something to the (Habitat) range that was inspired by bold photographic lighting.” Ros goes onto say that the inspiration behind them is the impressive factory lighting that the design team found whilst on an inspiration mission to South-East Asia.

We are very proud to say that at Habitat we try and champion craftsmen wherever possible, and the talent behind these lights is one of those craftsmen. The lights are created by a technique called ‘spinning’ where you start with a flat piece of aluminium that is fed into a spinning machine at high speed and then tools are used to push it into shape to achieve those really detailed facets. The process can take over half an hour to produce. and then, voila! A statement light is created.

Habitat Lighting

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