Remember: Clocks Go Back This Sunday!

Yep, it’s here: the clocks go back this Sunday at 2am.It’s a painful one, this one… early risers will be up before the lark (this is a special shout-out to those with kids…ouch!) and the evenings will be be getting dark a whole lot sooner. BUT…you do get an extra hour in bed and benefit from lighter mornings (albeit temporarily – sorry! C’mon give us a break, we’re trying here…).

Whilst we’re on the subject of clocks, now would be great opportunity to remind you about all the amazingly gorgeous products that can be delivered in time for Christmas (see what we did there?!). You can still get sofas, dining tables and beds (although you really should get a wriggle on…9 December is D-day) as well as Christmas decorations and gifts that’ll even get Scrooge in the mood. But tick tock…the clock’s already counting down. See it all here.

And for those that are really finding it hard to cope…look forward to 26 March 2017 when British summertime officially starts and we move those clocks forward. You’ll lose an hour in bed but oh, those summer nights….

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