Your room

You love colour? You love pattern? Well, I believe we may have what you’re looking for, for your room scheme. Why not adopt a tribal patterned theme? This trend includes block colours, stripes, zig zags and multicoloured layers. Check these out:

1. Cushions: We have a fabulous range of cushions that will be in store and online in a few weeks time (September). Colour, pattern and texture all the way!

2. Peddle: This fabulous little replica of a traditional bike will look great on display. You may choose to display it because it’s reminiscent of your childhood, or perhaps because bikes represent the first bit of freedom you were ever given. For us? We just love it because it looks good.

3. Wilbur light: We love Wilbur because he is created entirely from string. It’s a beautiful, simple and effective way to add detail to your room. And we think you’ll love the patterns it creates as its throwing light around the room.

4. Tam Tam stool: Have you heard of our famous Tam Tam stool with hidden storage underneath the seat? A Habitat classic from the late 60s, and now updated in a fresh and vibrant colour, the plastic stool is lightweight and versatile, great for indoor and outdoor use and can be taken apart and stacked for compact storage.

5. Tira storage jar: To be used in the kitchen, bathroom or office, our striking Tira earthenware storage jar has a silicone seal so you can store food in it or could be used to stand cutlery, pencils or toothbrushes in.. take your pick.


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