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There is nothing more contemporary than mixing up your colour palette and coming up with a surprising new aesthetic for your room. One thing that we have always been known for is our daring use of colour. There was likely to be a time in history when orange, red and green would never have been used together in the same room, but luckily we now live in a time where anything goes and often: the more daring, the better.

(see pictures above)

1. How good is this Hendricks sofa? It’s sumptuous, you can sink into it, put things on the wide, flat armrests,  and it’s a beautifully designed, modern piece. Oh, and it comes in a variety of beautiful colours and fabrics. Result.

2. One of our favourite products from our latest collection is the Coralie table. With it’s oak veneer and metal legs, it’s a sure winner in most room schemes due to the fact that the strong walnut top is balanced out by it’s elegant slim-line legs.

3. Tea towels can be so naff, can’t they? Not these ones! Our Oberon tea towels are a crisp grey with a coloured trim. Lovely.

4. Our hand woven Coates cushion is a current favourite due to it’s hand woven aesthetic and use of clashing colours.

5. Handmade in Portugal, our Estrella dip-dyed bowl is a part of the larger Estrella collection of serve ware. Cool and current. That’s the way we roll.


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