Understanding Rug Sizes

Having the right rug in a room can make or break your space. However, with so many options on offer, it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve put together the following guide to help you come to grips with the vast range of rug sizes available and which sizes best suit your rooms. Grab a cuppa and get ready to nestle your toes into the cosy world of rugs…

Rug Sizes

When buying a rug for you home, it’s not just the size of the room you need to take into consideration. Not only is the shape important, but also the colour, purpose and what other furniture will be surrounding it. To help you out, we’ve put together a few general questions you need to ask yourself. These will help in determing what type of rug you need:

  • Do you want to fill the floor, define a space, or create a zone within a room?
  • What shape is your room?
  • What other furniture will you have in your room, and will you need to be able to move it around eg. add more chairs to a dining table when you have guests?
  • How much clearance do you need around the edge of the rug so you can vacuum the area properly?

Rug Sizes for Living Rooms

When considering which size of rug to choose for your living room, you have several options.


With a larger rug, you want to go for the biggest one that will easily fit into your space. Choose one that will fill your space and make the room feel larger to the eye. You want to go for a rug that gives you around 18 inches of clearance around the edges and room to place all of your furniture on the rug, including all 4 legs.


Choosing a medium sized rug, particularly a brightly coloured or statement rug, will help draw together a living room. Try to find a rug which allows you to place at least two legs of all your furniture on the rug to help provide a cohesive look, or, alternatively, pick more than one, allowing the rugs to work together to create the dynamic you’re after.


Smaller rugs are great for sitting under coffee tables and can bring a pop of colour or added texture to a room. Why not opt for a rug with a bold pattern or unusual texture to help bring some visual contrast to your space?


A runner rug can help divide areas in a living room, particularly in a space which doubles up. Pick a style which complements both uses of the room. This is an excellent choice for dividing a living-dining room, for example.

Rug Size for Dining Rooms

Rugs for dining rooms come in a range of different sizes, however, this is one room where bigger really is better.


Choosing a rug that entirely fills your space is a great choice in a dining room, as you don’t need to worry about rucking up the edges with chairs when you sit down at the table. Go for the largest rug that will fit into your space.


Medium rugs can sometimes be tricky in a dining room, as you want to choose a size which will comfortably fit all chair legs on, even when they are pulled out from under the table. Be sure to measure your space, table and chairs so you know roughly what size of rug you will need to fill your space.


For a minimalist modern look, why not try a rug that fits under the table. Picking a flat weave option in a bright colour can bring visual interest without taking up too much space.


Runners can also be used in dining rooms to frame or zone the space. Go for a bright colour or pattern to bring a pop of colour to your room and be sure to place it in an area where you’ll constantly be moving it so acconodate for guests.

Rug Size for Bedrooms

Rugs in the bedroom can add a plush cosiness, and there are a couple of options to keep in mind when considering the size of your bedroom rug:


A rug which fills most of the space in your room is a great way to make sure you keep your toes warm when you get out of bed. Consider a rug that’s large enough to fit your whole bed on with clearance around the sides.


A smaller rug which you can place half under or at the foot of the bed is also a great option, and can visually break up a room. Consider a rug in a modern pattern or print which brings an added dimension to the aesthetics of your space.


Small spot or ornamental rugs are an excellent way of bringing a splash of colour to a bedroom and are a particularly popular choice in children’s rooms. For a more adult take, why not choose a rug in a calming neutral colour but with an interesting pattern or weave to add visual interest.


Placing runners on either side of your bed is a modern take on the bedroom rug. This is a great choice to bring symmetry to the room, so a simpler rug in a single colour or monochromatic design is a good option here.

Rug Size for Hallway

Adding a rug to a hallway is a great way to add character to a space, and even in the smallest hallway you have a couple of sizing options:


The classic sizing option for a hallway is to align furniture along one side of the hall and place a runner alongside. Choose a runner in a hardwearing fabric for high-traffic areas of the home.


Another option is to use a small ornamental rug to break up your hallway. There are lots of options here including fun patterns, prints, fabrics and colours to choose from to create visual interest in your space.

Buying Tips

Here are a couple more tips which will help you decide what size rug will be perfect for your room:

  • Try marking out the size of your rug with masking tape on the floor. This will help you to visualise the space and see if your furniture will fit in the way you want it to.
  • Consider going a size up to your original preference, as there’s almost never a situation where a larger rug will not look better than a smaller rug.
  • Think about the pattern and colour of your rug, as these can make the rug pop more and seem bigger!

For more tips and tricks for buying the perfect rug for your habitat, read our guide to rug types or our rugs buying guide.

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