Unique Lighting Ideas For Every Room

It stands to reason that you’re not going to use a lamp to chop tomatoes and a spotlight to watch telly, but where do you start when planning lighting for your home? Room by room, we show you what should be on your shopping list.


The kitchen is the room that requires the most functional lighting. A strip light over a kitchen island provides an even light for cooking or washing up and spot lights can be directed onto specific areas. Think about repetition, though, when it comes to a breakfast bar – 3 lights hanging in a row makes a punchy statement.

Samuel Metal Ceiling Light Black And Yellow


The ability to create different atmospheres in a living room is a must. If space allows, take the opportunity to be dramatic with Euan or Samuel. An overreach floor lamp such as Euan Floor or Rock Floor makes a wonderful statement and is what you need for getting stuck into that new blockbuster.

Living room with overhanging Euan floor lamp


A statement pendant over a dining table is a necessity. From the stunning Bulle triple drop glass pendant to the beautifully bohemian Marteau pendants and their hand-hammered metallic shades. We suggest all dining room lighting is connected to a dimmer switch – no-one wants to feel like they’re being interrogated over the salmon en croute!

Dining room with glass top dining able and blue chairs


A bedroom typically requires 2 bedside lights and an overhead pendant. Our Rica lamp is touch sensitive so is perfect for reading as you can tap it to turn it off when your eyelids get heavy. The Kura shade is a favourite for above the bed: it diffuses light beautifully and remains decorative when not lit.

Wooden dressing table with gold table lamp

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