A Step By Step Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

As December gets underway, it’s time to start cracking on with Christmas. The best place to start? Well, the tree of course. And while plain Christmas lights and simple baubles are great and all, this year why not try a few unexpected ideas to really get your Christmas guests talking? From incorporating crackers to adding texture with pom poms, we asked Interior Lifestyle Blogger, Olivia of Lust Living, to give us a treetorial. And we weren’t disappointed. Take it away Olivia…

Christmas tree with baubles and fairy lights

Christmas Tree Styling by Olivia of Lust Living

With just a few weeks left until Christmas it’s definitely time to start thinking about putting your Christmas tree up if you haven’t already like me that is, which is why I’m here today, helping with a step by step guide to decorating your Christmas tree. Who am I? I’m Olivia and I’m an Interior Lifestyle Blogger sharing all things interior on my blog Lust Living. I started my blog journey in 2015 when I realised my passion for interiors through renovating my home. My style is minimal with a touch of texture and whole load of gold! So shall we get started?

Obviously a tree is a very good place to start, but these days the choices are endless… real, artificial, neon, wooden – you name it! But they can all be decorated uniquely following 5 simple steps. This year we invested in a fabulously real, artificial blue toned Christmas tree and I’m absolutely over the moon with it – but it looks a bit sad with nothing on it…


Christmas lights are an essential addition to any Christmas tree but why not add a little character with some pom pom galore lights, they look just as beautiful off as they are when switched on – plus they are a feature all by themselves!

Green Christmas tree with tinsel fairy lights


When it comes to actual tree decorations I like to have a variety of round standard shaped baubles and then feature tree decorations. I’m a big lover of the metallic trend so gold, copper and silver decorations go well with my interior style too. Mini baubles are great for filling gaps without overcrowding the tree so definitely add some mini baubles this year! Gold is my go to colour though, you can find it dotted all over my home, so I fell in love with these glitter mini star decorations – they’re dainty but still have that wow factor!

Close up of a Christmas tree with gold baubles and star baubles


It just wouldn’t feel like a real Habitat Christmas tree if it didn’t have a bit of colourful character, so these mini crackers were the perfect additions. Ever since I was little we always had Christmas crackers on our Christmas tree so it sort of feels like tradition now, and it means that even when all the presents under the tree have been opened, there’s still some celebrations left to be enjoyed dotted around the tree!

Close up of a Christmas tree with red and gold crackers


Whether it’s a star or an angel, your tree needs a topper – it really is the icing on the cake, or the cherry on the top! I’m most definitely always going to be a star topper kind of girl and since the Polaris star matches the mini star tree decorations (and the fact that it feeds my gold obsession) it was a very easy decision!

Green Christmas tree with gold tree topper


Now whilst this isn’t to do with anything on your tree as such, if you’ve made such an effort with decorating your tree you can’t let the tree base let you down. There are plenty of wicker type bases to cover metal bases, or perhaps a faux fur skirt rug would take your fancy? Since I’ve finished my Christmas shopping (I’m seriously chuffed with myself, can you tell?) I’ve kept it even simpler and just disguised the tree base with presents, easy peasy and it didn’t cost any extra!

And that’s all there is to it! Each step can be applied in your own way to make your Christmas tree unique this festive season!

Like Olivia’s style? You can find more where that came from on her Instagram.

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