Tam Tam Twist: Plastic Storage Stools

We love the Tam Tam stool (and we’re in great company, remember Brigitte Bardot‘s 1970s home?). It was invented by a fisherman as a riverbank seat, but it’s become a design classic. A great example of form and function meeting, but it’s a piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Not just a handy plastic stool, of course, the Tam Tam twists open at the centre of the spindle and also the top to reveal storage inside. One of the fun things about that is you can mix colours if you have more than one.

The Habitat office is full of colourful combinations, sat next to desks for quick meetings. We couldn’t resist sharing one of our favourites – pink and yellow. Together, the two bright colours have near-neon impact. Grey and pink is another cool, slightly more pared-back blend. If you have three Tam Tams, you can mix up all three sections. We’d love to see the results!

The neon-green handset, pencils, MT tape and bike decals (on the floor) are all part of Habitat’s Christmas gift collection – coming soon!

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