The best of recycling

Recycling is the art of creating something new from waste materials. So, our recycled range of items are not only good for the environment but it looks great too!

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Hand-woven in Vietnam, this eco-friendly range consists of storage baskets (that you could use as waste paper baskets), desk organisers and placemats. If you go for the Cohen placemats, we suggest topping them with dinner plates from our Evora range as the colour will pop!

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The Zafra recycled glass range has a slight green tint and boasts a chunky, durable design that is perfect for serving your guests at both indoor and outdoor parties. And, it’s made in Spain. Ooh, la la.

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The Esterban recycled glass vase has an organic shape and is perfect for flowers or as a decorative piece. Whether your interiors look is coastal or country, it would fit right in. Or you could use it to show off your vast penny collection, if you prefer!

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