Top Tips On How Not To Kill House Plants

As one of the first London florists to put house plants back in the limelight, there’s not much that east end florists Grace & Thorn don’t know about our green housemates. “I spend lots of time sourcing beautiful pots to put together with plants that I think our customers will really like. We also use lots of foliage in events and bouquets – sometimes more foliage than flowers! Everyone in the team is allowed to express their own creativity – our team are all creative people who bring their own backgrounds to everything that is produced”, says founder Nik Southern explaining the ethos that her company stands for. It is a subject she furthers in her new book, How Not To Kill Your Plants – a refreshingly realistic and down to earth guide to selecting the right plants for your space and helping them flourish.

foliage in pots on table

As the trend for jungle-inspired interiors shows no signs of abating, here are Nik’s top 5 tips for botanical bliss.

1 The Finger Test

Test the soil! If it’s super dry, give your plant a bit of a water. If it’s damp to the touch then don’t be tempted to overwater.

2 Cutting Bits Off

Don’t be afraid to cut off dead bits. They will grow again and you’ll have beautiful new shoots coming through rather than dead leaves.

3 Emulate Your Plant’s Environment

Know where your plant’s from and put it in the right environment e.g. don’t put a desert plant in a damp environment as it just won’t fare very well.

4 Don’t Play It Safe

No space is too small. Go big or go home!

5 Mix Textures and Colours

Think outside the box (or use the box!) for different vessels for plants. A personal favourite is copper tins for plants.

Grace & Thorn are hosting a pop-up at our Tottenham Court Road store. Swing by for inspiring ideas to inject green into your home, as well as details on workshops and Nik’s new book.

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