Types Of Rugs: All You Ever Need To Know

Buying a rug for your home is one of the easiest ways to add that final finishing touch to a room. Not only are they a stylish space filler, they’re also able to completely transform a room and add a sense of comfort and warmth to it. With a vast variety of styles, colours, textures and fabrics, it’s hard to know where to start in the world of rugs and it can become quite daunting.

Here at Habitat, we’ve put together the complete guide to decking your home out with stylish rugs in the living room, to your bedroom to hallway runners and everything in between. Get reading for some inspiration and start making some new additions to your home now.

Picking the best hallway runner

We all know first impressions are important and your hallway is everyone’s first impression of your home. Your hallway can be transformed by the simple introduction of a runner and is one of the easiest ways to add colour, warmth and texture to a room.

What is a hallway runner? 

Hallway runners are designed to fit into long, narrow spaces and can widen and brighten a room’s interior, giving it the illusion of space. They’re available in different lengths and sizes to cater for all hallways.

When to choose one?

Before choosing a hallway runner, you need to think about what you want the main purpose of the rug to be. Is it to lengthen your space? Add more interest to a room where interior is lacking? Or to protect your floorboards? Ensure you have answered these questions before buying a runner for your hallway. Another important aspect is to measure your space. The perfect runner should leave no less than four inches of visible floor space between each edge of both the runner and hallway walls.

What to look for?

The main thing you need to pay attention to when purchasing your runner is the fibres. For long lasting rugs, you need to go for a more durable fibre. Wool is long-lasting and a durable fabric to go for and will also add extra warmth to your hallway. It’s a naturally soft material and is easy to clean, but be careful as it may aggravate allergies. Polypropylene is a man-made fibre that’s also durable and best used in busier households as it’s easy to clean and dry. The best hallway runners will have a combination of density and fibre – the denser the tufting and stitching, the better the rug will wear over time.

You want to choose a colour or pattern that truly speaks to you and matches your current interior style. When choosing a colour, consider your current colour scheme in your hallway first. If your hallway is neutral, go for a vibrant rug to add in a little colour. If you’d prefer for the runner to blend into the room, choose a colour that closely matches your flooring. You want to go for a colour that can tolerate a bit of wear and tear. Once you’re happy on a colour, you want to decide on the shape of your rug. Choose a rectangular one if you have a narrow entryway or if your space is wide and shallow. Round rugs are more elegant and can be used in arched hallways or double-stairs entryways.

If you are placing the runner wall to wall length wise, be sure to check the spacing between your door and wooden flooring – you won’t want the door to get trapped on the runner everytime you open and close it. If your runner is on a hard surface, make sure you place a non-slip rubber pad underneath to refrain from accidents.

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Picking the best area rug

Area rugs are a key component when it comes down to adding style and warmth to a home. Large rugs can also define a room and give it added character, whilst treating your feet to some extra softness and protection.

What is an area rug?

An area rug is one of the most popular types of rugs you can buy. They can be used in any room, match to any decor and are available in every possible size, shape, style and pattern.

When to choose one?

You can add an area rug to any room that is in need of some extra comfort and warmth or as an added decorative interest, where they act as artwork for the floor and create a frame in which to place your furniture on and around. You want to think about your floor as the basis of a room and design scheme and take into consideration how much traffic that particular room gets. The most important thing to rememeber is that there are no rules when it comes down to choose an area rug. Find the one you like the most and make it work.

What to look for?

Area rugs are a great way to infuse some playfulness into a room, so don’t be afraid to choose bold colours. Light coloured rugs can make a room look larger, while deeper coloured rugs will add to a rooms cosiness. Do take into consideration that you don’t need to choose rugs that are the same colour as your upholstery or curtains, you want the area rug to complement your walls, artwork and furniture not necessarily completely match it.

With most rooms, you should leave between 10 and 20 inches of bare floor between the edges of your rug and the walls of your room. You want to make sure your rug is centred in the room and the distance between the rug and the wall is the same on all four sides. If you are choosing a heavily patterned rug, make sure your furniture doesn’t cover up the main design and make sure you think about your furniture arrangements before comminiting to buying an area rug that fills the floor space.

To ensure your rug lasts for years to come, look for hand-knotted, hand-tufted or flat-woven qualities in your rug. Hand-knotted rugs are highly durable and are a great investment piece. Hand-tufted designs are extremely durable and incredibly hard wearing, whilst flat-woven are lighter in weight and your pocket.

How to use it in each room?

Living room: Place all of your furniture on top of the rug or just have all the front feet of your furniture on the rug.

Bedroom: Have all of your furniture on the rug or just have the bed on the rug and the rest of your furniture on the wooden floor.

Dining room: This one’s simple: rectangular table, rectangular rug; round table, round rug. It’s also best to avoid choosing an expensive rug in your dining room, as there may be spills and accidents that ruin the rug and some can be very hard to clean.

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Picking the best modern rug

When it comes down to making a powerful design statement in your home, a modern rug is your go to option. It has the ability to completely transform a space and can easily match to its surroundings.

What is a modern rug?

Available in a variety of styles and designs, modern rugs are characterised by their use of abstract patterns, bold colours and geometric or free-form elements. They are more Western in their designs and are best suited to new and informal homes.

When to choose one?

Keep in mind when choosing a rug that they are all suited for different rooms in your home, which is mainly determined by how much foot fall the rug will take up. Start by thinking about what shape of rug you would like e.g circular, rectangular, square and then go onto the style. Would you like a more traditional looking rug or a more modern and up to date look? Also think about the material you’d like your rug to be and if it’ll be long lasting and durable.

What to look for?

Before choosing your dream rug, ask yourself a few questions. Do you want it to be a statement rug? How will you use your space? And what is the room like? All of these answers will then factor in the style of rug you require. As one of the largest furniture pieces in your room, you need to take into account all other featured tones from your flooring, walls and furnishings. If you’re building around your rug, then you can easily decorate with primary and secondary colours in your room that blend into your rug and it will help to unify your decor.

Before choosing colours, patterns and styles you need to make sure your rug is balanced with its surroundings. To open up a room, choose lighter and neautral colours but for a quaint and cosy room, busier rugs with darker patterns work great. If you don’t have a lot of space, choose rugs with bolder patterns to make your room look larger to the eye. If the decor in your room is plain and you have solid furniture, it’s best to go for a patterned or bold rug to add some colour. You can then match accent colours from the rug into your curtains and cushions.

When it comes down to the style of your rugs, there’s three main looks you can go for: floral, striped and plain. Floral motifs are incredibly popular when it comes to modern rugs and come in a variety of of styles that are suitable for almost every room in your home. If you combine floral rugs with fabric patterns, you’ll be able to create a contemporary, subtle look. If you room already has a lot of bold patterns, go for a more subtle floral rug with lighter colours. While striped rugs may appear to look simple to the eye, they can be used to create a stunning focal point in your room. They’re intriguing, exciting and really make a rug pop. Saying this, you don’t always need a rug with bold patterns to truly stand out in a room. Sometimes a clean, toned down rug can create just as much impact.

Picking the best rugs for kids

A kid’s bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It’s for reading, playing, dancing, colouring and other activities, so it’s extremely important to create a nice spot where kids can spread out and be comfortable for hours on end.

When to choose one?

Before you make any decisions regarding the style, material and colour, you need to ensure you measure the room space you’ve got and consider the positioning of, not only your rug, but also all of the furniture that will be in the room as well. You want the rug to be large enough for your kids to sit and play on, as it will lose purpose in the room and become a spare part.

What to look for? 

Introducing stylish rugs to a room is a great way to add a playful and comforting atmosphere to a children’s room. You want the rug to be as creative as your kids are, in order to make the space feel a lot more fun and colourful.

The main thing to take into consideration with buying a children’s rug is that it needs to be able to withstand heavy wear and tear. Cotton rugs are easily affordable and very easy to clean, however as they are quite lightweight and thin, they’re not extremely comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Wool rugs are the softest, thickest and comfiest option and can really withstand the test of time. They’re also easy to clean, durable and work as a good insulator to keep a room warm. They may shed a little when you first get it, but once hoovered a few times that will stop.

As with any rug, the colour of you choose should fit into the rest of the rooms decor, so you need to take into consideration the colour scheme of the room and the style of furniture in there. A solid colour rug is a good option to go for if the room already has lots of bold colours in. Larger patterns are easier to fit into every space and are visually appealing. If you’d like your rug to stand out, small playful patterns should be introduced, especially if you have a more neautral palleted room.

Once you’ve decided on the rug, be sure to use anti-slip rug pads underneath for your children’s safety as it will prevent your kids from falling over and injuring themselves when running about.

Picking the best bath mats

From fluffy ones that look and feel luxuriously soft to bath mats that simply do the job of preventing us from slipping over, bath mats are a popular addition to any bathroom infront of the bathtub or shower.

What is a bath mat?

The main function of a bath math is to absorb any dripping water when you get out of the bath or shower. It serves as an essential safety function in any bathroom and limits the risks of falls and slips while wet, due to there anti-slip coating underneath. It also improves the comfort of your bathroom experience by helping you avoid contact with the cold floor.

When to choose one?

Modern bath mats can offer the same potential to a room, as a rug can. They add colour, pattern and style to your bathroom. Before purchasing a bathmat, you need to decide what it’s main purpose will be, besides collecting water. Choose between a rubber non-slip grip bath mat that’s there purely for functionality or go for a super soft cotton bathmat for style and purpose.

What to look for?

Bathrooms can become a high-risk area when slippery, so you want to buy a bath mat that’s fabric is durable and soaks up water well. Synthetic materials dry a lot quicker than other fabrics and can withstand repeated washing cycles, but they do absorb less water. Cotton bath mats are valued for their impressive absorption capacity and soft touch. Wooden bath mats are generally made from bamboo and look very stylish in your bathroom, they are quick drying but can become quite slippy.

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Rugs by room

Rugs are the easiest way to add warmth to a room, but be careful as different rugs will always suit certain rooms in your home. For example your hallway and and dining room will always have more foot fall than your bedroom, so it’s always best to find a more durable fabric for those rooms.


As the busiest area of your home, you need to choose a rug that’s both hard-wearing and comfy. Our rugs come in a variety of colour, patterns, shapes and sizes to add a warming atmosphere to your lounge.



As the first and last thing your feet touch, you want your rug to be cosy and warm. A wool rug is a great option as it adds a sophisticated vibe to your bedroom and can compiment all decors.



As a high-traffic area and the backdrop for many family gatherings, you need to choose a material that is hard wearing and doesn’t stain easily. Wool is your best option as it’s user-friendly and a long lasting fabric.


For more tips and tricks on finding the best rug for your habitat, read our rugs buying guide and start decorating your home.

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