Dining Room Inspiration From Our Favourite Instagrammers

In recent years, studies show we’re all guilty of reaching for the remote at dinner time, rather than sitting around the table with our loved ones. But as a new decade arrives, is it about time we kick that habit in the butt and get back to enjoying each others’ company again? Some of our favourite bloggers share what goes on around their dining tables, including family traditions and styling tips.

There’s nothing better than gathering around a table with friends and family and simply enjoying a home cooked meal together. However, as we get older, and life gets busier, the tradition of eating around the dinner table can easily be forgotten  – breakfast turns into eating on the go, lunchtime calls for a quick pit stop at a cafe and dinner soon becomes a quick-fix meal in front of the TV.

But, with a little planning, you can make time for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy a meal together and connect once again with those you love. We’ve asked some of our favourite bloggers to share what their dining traditions are and if they manage to juggle their busy schedules to sit down as a family during meal times.

1.  Hannah Bullivant

Stylist, writer and blogger, Hannah, lives in Kent with her husband and two young kids. She believes gathering around the table and eating delicious food with her family is the key to making winter more bearable. Here, she’s chosen to pair our Olmo fennel dinner set with a soft grey linen tablecloth and napkins to create a warming, sumptuous table setting for her whole family to enjoy.

Dining table image with Olmo dinnerware and hanging wreath

Using just 5 simple steps to create her table setting, Hannah suggests a little bit of greenery can go a long way, “Whether you put a single sprig of Rosemary on each plate, or install a maximalist hanging installation and fill the table with flowers, adding natural elements is critical to add warmth and life to a table.”

Linen tablecloth with Olmo dinnerware, marble candles and wine glasses

2. Roses and Rolltops

Since having a baby, interior blogger Rebecca has found even more reason to have people over. Whether it’s a big brunch or early dinner, she reasons that “We have to eat and cook regardless so we might as well enjoy the company. Having people over for dinner means that you can go a little fancy on the table, even if it’s an easy dinner.” We couldn’t agree more.

Dining room with wooden table, white chairs and pink dinnerware set

Starting with a blank canvas, she’s combined pink, gold and green tones to create a relaxed dining atmosphere complete with matt gold cutlery and sprigs of greenery running the length of the table. “For drinks, I’ve gone for both fancy champagne coupes and ribbed everyday tumblers. Plus, a big jug for water to save people getting up and down”.

Wooden dining table with pink dinnerware set and glassware

3. Tiger Lily Quinn

Coming from a family of 5 kids, Fritha knows all to well how important it is to sit down as a family. She remembers “It was a time we were all certain to be in the same place at the same time. A time to recount stories of our day and enjoy each other’s company.”

Pink linen runner, blue dinner set and black cutlery

4. Dilan and Me

With busy schedules getting in the way of ‘me’ time, mummy blogger Lauren knows all to well how hard it can be to prioritise things like seeing your pals for a well earned catch up. “The greatest thing about entertaining loved ones is that there actually is no need to stress about impressing your guests with over the top fancy food and tonnes of effort. But being together, relaxing, laughing until your belly hurts – those are the most important things” shares Lauren.

Table setting with food

5. Fizzy Peaches

“Finding time to socialise as parents is not easy and I often find myself lost in a world of parenting, sleepless nights and nursery rhymes,” explains Lyndsay, the face behind Fizzy Peaches blog. She believes having friends over for a meal doesn’t have to be a stressful affair, instead it should be simple with delicious food and great company.

Dining table setting with black spotted dinnerware

6. Hornsby Style

Living in Sussex with her husband and three kids, Sharon has always made an effort to spend time with her family. “I have always insisted, since the kids were little, that we all sit down and eat together in the evening, no phones allowed, just chatting about our days and enjoying each other’s company, it is something that is very important to me. I also love entertaining and enjoy nothing more than hosting dinner parties.”

Wooden dining table with metal legs and grey velvet dining chair

“I love to mix materials in my home and the dining area is no exception! When it comes to entertaining I find a few quick simple additions help to make the dining table always look great…. I always add candles to the table, go for unscented ones though as it’s not good to be tasting the candle scent as well as the food!”

Table setting with green dinnerware set and cheese board

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