WORM’s Top Tips For Summer Flower Arrangements

There’s nothing quite like a fresh bunch of summer blooms to brighten up a room (and make it smell delicious). So to celebrate British Flower Week this month, we asked London-based florists, WORM, to impart some knowledge and share their top tips on creating the perfect summer bouquet.

Choose wild textures

Choose garden flowers and foliage that have different textures. Flowers like Dill and Cow Parsley that you may not usually think of using make really good fillers between flowers and foliages in a wild arrangement and make it much more interesting. Don’t be afraid of different heights and levels and play around with clashing colours.

how to summer flower arrangements

Condition your flowers

To get the best out of your flowers they need to be conditioned properly. If you are cutting stems from your own garden it is best to cut them in the morning when they have had a good drink of water.

When arranging flowers, all leaves that will be below water level need to be stripped so as to avoid rotting and affecting the water. Snip the bottoms of the flowers on a diagonal so that they have more space to drink. Change water regularly, try to keep them in a cool part of the room and take out any dying flowers.

summer flower arrangements

Use chicken wire to create a structure inside a vessel or vase

Cut a square of chicken wire that is larger than the circumference of the vase and fold the sides to make it fit inside the vase.

Fill the vase with water and fit the stems of the foliage and then flowers into the chicken wire structure at different angles creating the shape you would like to achieve. This adds flow to your arrangement which is so much harder to achieve when the vase has no structure inside.

how to arrange summer flowers

Discover the perfect vase to display your flowers with our top ten edit below.

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