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Japan might be close to 6,000 miles away, but you can create a beautiful, modern Japanese look in your room buy using the 5 products from Habitat in the image above.

Traditionally, the interior style of Japan incorporates things like rice paper screens, tatami mats, brushstrokes, a tonal colour palette and a minimalist aesthetic. All designed to make a zen-like space. Zen by definition is feeling relaxed and not worrying about things, and it is proven that if we are happy and content in our surroundings, it will help us feel relaxed.

1. The Boule Japonaise paper lantern is a Habitat design classic and start from only £3 each! It is simple to pull over your existing pendant light fitting and add softness to your scheme.

2. The Ying china teapot features intricate drawings of woodland animals, and a pale wash of blue watercolour glaze. A Habitat-exclusive design, the Ying makes a beautiful tea collection and a wonderful present for a loved-one or…yourself!

3. Rice paper screens that are common in traditional Japanese homes inspired the stunning Soko range of sliding door cabinets. A transparent back allows light to enter the cabinet and show off the silhouette of your favourite things! The cabinet is made from stained birch with frosted Perspex doors. The Soko is also available in a low cabinet version too.

4 & 5. The elegant glass Saku coffee table has a simple glass top that almost appears to float. You could think of pairing it with our Kemp rug to give your space more definition. It’s made from hardwearing jute and features a hand printed design- perfect to pull your Japanese-inspired theme together!







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