Get the retro look with ’60s & ’70s inspired interiors

If you like retro interiors inspired by 60’s and 70’s, then look no further than the items above from Habitat.

If you’re into dark walnut timber, low furniture and a smattering of orange and blue, then we’ve got what you want!

Natural and yellow knitted pouf footstool

1. Knot pouf

With its dense cotton crochet knit, our pouf is sturdy enough to make a great alternative for extra seating in your home, or simply use as a footrest.

Matador orange certamic object ornament

2. Matador ornament

With its wonderfully curvy form and vibrant glaze, the Matador orange decorative bull object is a fun and colourful addition to an interior.

Glass decanter

3. Tica glass decanter

Made from mouth-blown glass, the well-balanced Tica glass decanter has a clear, brilliant finish and is the perfect gift for all those wine lovers out there!


4. Findlay dinner plate

The Findlay blue speckled dinner plate is designed for everyday use, available exclusively from Habitat. Made from durable, glazed stoneware, the random speckled finish gives the colour wonderful depth and means each plate is unique.


5. Days Forum armchair

This popular design classic was designed in the mid-60’s by Robin Day for Habitat. With most of the structure visible on the outside of the chair, it’s Italian simplicity, at its best.

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