Clever Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Whether it’s your ever-growing family or a piling up of possessions, your home can often become crowded over time. When upsizing isn’t an option, or you love the modestly sized house or apartment you are already in, finding ingenious storage solutions throughout the house is a perfect way to adapt your home to clutter.

The trick is to plan what you need around you, and use empty or awkward spaces in your home to their full storage potential. Each piece of storage furniture must earn its rightful place in a small home, but why choose between style and functionality, when you can have both?

Take a look at these clever storage solutions for small spaces.

Storage ideas for clothes, shoes and coats

When it comes to your clothes, shoes and coats, bursting wardrobes that take up most of the space in your bedroom will probably sound familiar. Wardrobes should be used to their maximum potential, not just by hanging your clothes, but by filling the empty area below them; organise vacuum packed clothes you won’t use this season and stack into storage boxes, or cleverly arrange your shoe collection into boxes. Often a forgotten space, the top of your wardrobe acts as a sturdy shelf for large objects like suitcases, which can also be filled with anything you might want to pack away for later use. With these small bedroom storage ideas, they’ll be no wasted space.

Bamboo black shoe rack and bamboo clothes rail

Whether you live alone, or your family are compressed into your small space, a petite hallway can be a cramped environment packed with shoes and coats. Multifunctionality is key when it comes to hallway storage; ladder-style shelving units take up little floor space, and allow you to hang up your coats, scarves or hats, whilst acting as shelves for trinket bowls that might be filled with car keys, gloves and sunglasses that are in easy reach as you leave the house in a hurry.

If you want to hide away your clutter and keep your hallway looking stylish, an upholstered storage bench is a great solution. Use as a seat to take off your shoes, then simply lift the lid and throw them inside, making it the perfect storage solution for small spaces.



Small bedroom storage solutions

A bedroom is a relaxing haven, purposely equipped to dress, unwind and sleep. So, making use of storage space in small bedrooms is essential to maintain a calm and tidy environment to rest your body and mind. Small bedroom storage ideas start with filling hidden spaces with storage boxes. Choose streamline boxes to store your pyjamas or throws and cushions underneath your bed for accessibility that’s hidden away. Or, choose large boxes to keep inside your wardrobe to tuck away any bits and bobs.

Walnut wardrobe with hanging rail, drawers and mirror

A great bedroom storage hack is adapting large, unused spaces. Add a long shelf above your bedroom door to hold anything you don’t use often; fold up jumpers and big coats into large boxes during the summer, or stack up keepsakes, memory boxes and the big family photo albums that would otherwise clutter your space.

Although make up and beauty products may be small, they are often the biggest culprit when it comes to clutter! Invest in a small but equipped dressing table and place next to your bed so you can use it both as a bedside table with a lamp and alarm clock, and a place to do your make up with ease. And here’s a top tip: use a cutlery tray in your top drawer to arrange your make up inside. This will knock minutes off your getting-ready time, and keep the clutter away.

Toy storage in a small kids’ bedroom can easily be found in storage benches or large trunks; they look stylish, allow more space for that all-important playtime and can act as a little window seat. Pack them full of your children’s toys, shoes, or fold up their clothes if there’s not much room for a wardrobe. If a trunk isn’t enough, wall shelves are great for displaying toys and small storage boxes. Get creative with storage baskets; choose colours and fabrics that stand out, or run with the colour scheme of your small space, so they truly have a purpose with style.


Bathroom storage ideas for small spaces

Over time, you will refine your health and beauty routine to a T, and that comes with collecting bath and beauty products that can muddle up your bathroom. So, here are some handy bathroom storage ideas for small spaces that can declutter your shower and stop you rummaging through the cupboards for your favourite face wash first thing in a morning.

Cabinets with multiple shelves, and room inside to store larger items like shampoo bottles, are a great start to bathroom storage for a small home. Order your most-used items to the front of the shelves, so that you have quick and easy access to your daily beauty products when you’re in a hurry. Mirrors can also take up wall space that could be used for shelves, so a cabinet with mirrors on or inside them can both save space and give your bathroom that ever-sought-after minimalist look.

bathroom storage

If you have a super small bathroom, corner cabinets are a great way to solve your storage woes. Or, add shelves to your bathroom walls to display your daily products in easy-to-reach places, and store items you may not use everyday up high. Ladder shelves have a small footprint, and work great as towel storage for small spaces. Hang both wet and dry towels to save space in your overcrowded bathroom cupboard.

Small home office storage ideas

Whether you work from home or need a place for the kids to do their homework, a small home office is a great addition to your little house. And if you’re thinking you simply don’t have the room, then you’re wrong! Incorporating a home office into an already established room is possible with these great office storage ideas for small spaces.

Create an unpretentious office in your hallway or landing by adding a desk, perfect for small spaces, with storage. Fill the desk drawers with your office essentials as well as any extras left lying around the hallway, like small umbrellas, gloves and hats.

Wooden desk with blue velvet chair and black metal table lamp

A small, tuck-away chair, or a fold-up chair that you can hang from a peg on the wall when it’s not in use, will give you the room to add a storage box underneath your small office desk. This allows you to have your own space without turning a relaxing room into a working one, whilst storing as much as you can into hidden spaces underneath and in the desk.

An ingenious way to add storage and save space is by building high. Shelves directly above your workspace right up to the ceiling solve your storage problems whilst creating new dimensions in your small space. Fabric storage boxes and plants on the shelves contribute new and interesting textures to your home office environment that take your eyes upwards, rather than straight to the small space around you.


Living room storage for books, photos and ornaments

From tall wooden bookcases to modern, metal shelving units, there are many ways you can incorporate a versatile bookcase into your living room to bring a little life to your storage solutions.

Meticulously arrange your bookcase to store your book collection; whether they’re cooking books or novels, storing them all in the living room can save space elsewhere in your home. Why not arrange your books in colour order to create a vibrant, rainbow feature wall? Or organise them via genre so you can quickly pick out the book that you want without searching through the shelves.

Walnut leaning bookcase with storage

When it comes to decorating a small house or apartment, it can become cluttered very easily. The key to keeping a space both functional and tasteful is by decorating minimally. And an important hack to remember is that a bookcase is not just for books.

Adding photo frames, ornaments and candles to a bookcase turns this handy piece of furniture into a striking feature, contributing a homey yet minimal feel, and, essentially, leaving you enough room to live in your small space.


See? We told you it was possible to store your things in even the teeniest of homes.

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