New & Now: Handcrafted textiles

This season we have worked with one of our most established producers to create an entirely new design story, Shack.

Close up of woven grey, grey and red fabric


Martha Coates, our textile designer, spent time in Panipat, India, an area known for handcrafted textiles. Using traditional techniques in a contemporary way, we worked collaboratively with the producer in painstaking detail to create the Cabana rug and cushion. A range of fabric qualities dyed to a bespoke colour palette, are handwoven to create these unique textiles. The beauty being their intrinsic individuality as a result of this process.

Designer Martha Coates and spinning wheel in India


Not the result of a prescriptive trend or style, the products were developed organically and are the happy outcome of a long design relationship with one of our most trusted craftsmen. A marriage of skill and modernity. Each piece is hand-loomed, often by one particular person as their style of weaving comes to be as unique as their handwriting.

Red spool of weaving thread


This way of developing product is typical of how Habitat works with its producers to develop unique designs. The process of bringing a product to life, from design brief to sampling, relies on the integrity of the design and the abilities of the producer to make it a reality. In doing this, we reach all corners of the globe in our hunt for original products. Products that you would be proud to have in your homes.

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