2016 So Far: Trends and Predictions

Interior styles for 2016 have so far created waves in the design space. Psychedelic prints, stylish retro furniture and statement metal accessories have been a must have trend for any home.

We’ve seen the most fashionable abodes transformed by eccentric Jungle patterns and simple Scandinavian styles, and here at Habitat we wanted to share our insider tips for injecting all the latest trends into your space for 2016. Lean in, we’ve got the scoop.

Splatter pattern ceramics, object and cushions.


Steely blues pastels and greys are making a subtle entrance this autumn. You don’t have to paint your whole room to see the benefit, sometimes just a key piece of furniture or signature accessories are enough to make an impact. Try a bold colour sofa with cushions of different patterns and textures to showcase your unique style.

Soft furnishings; Cushions, rugs and throws

Or how about go for a colour palette cleanse and choose lighter organic colours to encourage a brightness into your space. As the nights draw in, having rooms which bounce light will leave you feeling like the long summer nights are still here.

Alternatively, coordinate black and white interiors with geometric patterns and a splash of colour to make any room classy, as well as sassy.

Modern, red Copeland four poster bed


Think outside the box when it comes to adding patterns to your home. Our friends over at Patternbank can provide lots on inspiration for whatever your interior style and can show you how easy it is to add focus to your room without stealing centre stage.

Three key trends Patternbank have predicted for AW16 look towards striking bold geometrics, bold textures and bold statements. You can find some of their prints here.

Bold Geometrics

Geometric patterns perfectly compliment any Scandinavian style whilst bold items like multi-coloured woven rugs can add pizazz to any room.

Print trends looks towards strong artisan pattern statements through loose brush marks and irregular block shaped looks.



Bold Textures


2016 has so far been labelled as the return of the Rattan. A style that was first appreciated in the 70’s, these textures made a comeback in our spring collection the form of statement chairs and dramatic loungers.

Wall art, canvasses and statement rugs can make a real difference when adding finishing touches to your space.

Curvaceous blue Misty armchair

Metal type lighting and decor continue to dominate the interior space. Try partnering with other raw accessories such as marble and wood for a real industrial style look. These materials are not only fashionable but offer a powerful optical trend, expressive patterns collide with playful surface structures.



Bold Statements

You’ve heard it before, bold really is beautiful. Florals and jungle prints were everywhere this summer and there’s plenty of inspiration to be found out there. We have no doubt that the prominent prints are set to continue as we head into the Autumn/Winter months.


Print trends which focus on bold colour blocking and geometric pattern mixes are a popular choice, offering a real eclectic mix of pattern and visual statements.

Adaptable furniture and iconic accessories can make any room pop, so whatever the size of your space we’ve got all the ideas to help. Take a peek at our Flexible Living space savers to spice up your style.

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