Pink Interiors And How To Decorate With Pink

It had been popping up everywhere. Interior magazines have been littered with beds decorated with washed linens in greyed-off blush tones. Then The Gallery at legendary London restaurant Sketch reopened to much fanfare having been unapologetically bathed in candy by celebrated designer India Mahdavi. And then it was official: Pantone named ‘Rose Quartz’ their Colour Of The Year 2016 and followed with ‘Pale Dogwood’ (a light pink hue) as one of their key colours for Spring 2017.

Most recently, it’s ‘Millennial Pink’ that is taking the fashion and design world by storm (spot it on a social media feed near you…). Not defined by one colour, ‘Millennial Pink’ – also known as ‘Tumblr’ Pink and ‘Scandi Pink’ – can fall anywhere on the spectrum between beige and peach, and the inspiration behind the colour can be traced back to Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, where it features frequently. Its unprecedented success is said to be down to the fact it is free of the girly-girl connotations associated with more vibrant shades of pink, therefore appealing to both men and women.

With no sign of abating, we show you how to work the colour de rigueur into your home.


The easiest way to introduce a rose hue to your home is with a highlight. It’s a subtle addition that makes a big difference. Think a pink teatowel in a kitchen or a chair at a desk.

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blush pink walls with wooden hanging branch and hooks and pink tea towels and herbs

Pink desk chair at wooden tripod desk with office accessories

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pink interior ideas


Accessorise your living room with ballet pink textiles. A cushion, a footstool, a lamp…this works because you can arrange the pieces with a little space between them. This breaks up a neutral base and creates interest.

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Pink lamp placed in living room with pink and grey cushions

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pink interior ideas


A bedroom is a great place to fully embrace pink. Follow in the footsteps of the interior magazines by draping your bed in powder, shell and blush tones. The key is to pick a fabric that has a certain level of texture. A relaxed and rumpled finish is the look we’re going for…perfectly ironed pink is just too twee. Break up the surface with a contrasting throw.

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Pink bed linen draped over bed with grey linen and cushions

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Pink bed linen with grey throw and brick wall


Copper and rose gold are the perfect pals to pink, as seen here at the aforementioned Sketch.

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Sketch in London

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pink and copper interior ideas


Monotones compliment pink really well…they work to temper pink’s femininity.

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Pink chair and cushions with grey modern sofa and wooden coffee table

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monochrome and pink interior ideas


We’re just dying to move to Paris and paint our front door in rose quartz.

Parisian pink front door with ornate glass and gold metal

Failing that, we’ll stick with arranging a sit-in at the recently opened No. 197 Chiswick Fire Station. We’ve died and gone to blush pink heaven.

No 197 Chiswick fire station with blush pink sofa and chairs and copper lighting

Photos: Pinterest and Habitat

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