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So you’ve got the place to yourself,  your favourite tune cued up on the sound system, box-fresh pants on your tush…but something just isn’t right. Oh yes, it’s hard to fire up your mojo when your surroundings just ain’t up to scratch. Well here you go…all the products featured in the new Habitat TV ad so you too can dance around without a care in the world.

The Orrico coffee table is the star of the show, and with good reason. Hundreds of tiny hammered marks catch and reflect the rose gold light meaning this piece will be the focal point of any room.

Habitat Orrico Coffee Table

The Tisno armchair has got that louche, laidback 70’s vibe going on. Sit back, relax and let its ergonomic curves do all the hard work.

Habitat Tisno Armchair

Retro style patterns are where it’s at and the shaggy pile of the Pindus rug will soften up any room set-up.

Habitat Pindus Rug

An ad campaign highlight for £8? That’s our Esterban vase, proving that Habitat has gorgeous style to fit any size of pocket.

Habitat Esterban Vase

We’re pretty excited about a Nyx floor lamp. Its angular good looks and practical, adjustable task lighting make this a design classic of the future.

Habitat Nyx Floor Lamp

Fall in love with Fredd, our beautifully minimal upholstered bed. Layer on our Washed bedlinen, top it off with Barington cushions and collapse into a cloud of (very on-trend) grey.

Habitat Fredd Bed

What can we tell you about Antonn? It’s crafted in beautiful oak, slimline, graphic and perfectly balanced; a showcase for books and treasured keepsakes.

Habitat Antonn Shelving Unit

Mano uses woven cane like you’ve never seen before. Framed by oak, it featured a handleless design to keep things modern.

Habitat Mano Storage

The Smithfield armchair has top-notch design credentials. Designed by Aaron Probyn for the Habitat Design Reunion project to celebrate our 50th birthday, it is crafted in Italy from aniline leather, to show off the natural beauty of the hide, which only gets better the more you use it.

Habitat Loki Bookcase

Take a look at Loki, a bookcase with ample storage but a small footprint – perfect for cramming as much as possible into a small space.

Habitat mirror

And last but certainly not least, compare your booty shimmy in the Marlo mirror.

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