Indoor Rattan Furniture For Your Conservatory And More

It’s time for rattan to shake off its reputation as the just material of choice for garden furniture. Our in-house designer Naoko Kanehira is using it to create striking, modern indoor furniture.

What is rattan? It’s a type of trailing vine, native to the jungles of Asia, Malaysia and China. It’s strong but malleable, so skilled craftsmen can bend it into some very delicate, curvaceous shapes – just like Naoko’s Sura chair. The resulting pieces are light, too.

Naoko’s Sura and Elico pieces are contemporary and timeless. These jet-black, simple shapes will fit into both neutral or colourful spaces. You could soften the Elico lounger with cushions or throws. Lie back and relax!

Habitat creative director particularly loves the Sura chair…

‘From the moment I saw the first sketches of the rattan chairs, I knew they were going to be extremely special. They have a wonderful spatial, linear quality. I think the design is unique in the way a very pure, modern Japanese aesthetic meets something intrinsically European from the 1960s. I spent time working on these pieces in the Indonesian factory where they’re made, sorting out the detailing and making sure that as well as being robust enough for everyday life, the fineness of the design was retained. This kind of hands-on experience always gives me a special association and affection for a product.’

Sura large rattan chair; Sura rattan chair; Elico rattan clothes rail; Elico lounger; Elico black bench; Tetta rug

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