London Fashion Week trends AW14

London Fashion Week AW14 is now a thing of the past. How quickly time flies! The world of Habitat’s home furnishings and accessories has always been linked to fashion and was founded on the idea in the 1960’s that ‘Habitat would be to interiors what Mary Quant is to fashion’.

Habitat was one of the first interiors companies to create furniture that you didn’t need to hold onto and pass down to your grandchildren. They wanted people to furnish their homes like they would dress themsleves- in a modern way that you could change around when your lifestyle or mood changed.

Interiors trends have always taken inspiration from the catwalk, the two being inextricably linked. Years ago, it would have taken a few seasons for trends to have filtered down into interiors, but now it seems to be almost instant, fashion and interiors are taking inspiration from each other now.

The hottest visual trends at LFW last week were most definitely geometric patterns, a blue and red colour palette and chunky textured finishes.

Here are some of the products that you can find in store and online at Habitat that are linked to those trends.

Geometric patterns

After all this terrible weather, give your garden a facelift with these faceted fibreglass planters. They are so strong and robust and can be left out all year round. For an even more angular look, we suggest potting it with a cactus!


After tending to your garden plants, chill out in our Maui deck chair- available in a number of colours, and most recently, these geometric colour ways.

Deck chairs

We love saffron and grey! It’s such a soft colour palette, with that punch of colour that Habitat does so well. The Ruskin bedding range is such a gem. You’re not going to want to get out from under the covers…


Blue and Red

There are many uses in history of the colours red and blue. They are royal colours, they symbolise patriotism in some countries, and in others red can mean passion and strength and blue can mean peace and confidence. Whatever the colours mean to you, it doesn’t change the fact that they sit well next to each other on our furnishings.


The Zico cushions are so bold and would work brilliantly sitting atop our Red Haris sofa. Perhaps in front of that sofa, you could lay a Tash rug too? What a perfect scheme that would make!

Tash rug


It’s human nature to want to touch surfaces, our innate curiosity almost always take over. That’s why whether it is smooth or rough, raised or buffed, people are drawn to one a particular texture over another. At London Fashion week, it was all about the chunky fabrics. wool, tweed… anything slightly ‘chunkier’ than normal.

Knot pouf

At Habitat, we have our ever-popular knitted pouf’s that continue to be in-demand. Then we have the Bowan rug which is trying to trump the pouf in the chunky stakes. It’s hand-tufted and made from recycled material (so you are doing your bit for the environment too!)


Another of our product categories that sits happily in the textured category is Vases. We have swirly ones and rough ones and faceted ones… the list can go on.


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