The direction – rich walnut

Walnut is joining pale, ash-blond woods at the top of our favourite materials chart.

It’s just as versatile as lighter woods, but it can definitely win on drama. Its deep colouring makes it the ideal starting point for other rich shades including indigo, mulberry or red. It can also work in a monochrome palette – choose white walls and floors for contrast.

A walnut piece isn’t just a brilliant basic, though, try it with Copper accessories to show its glamorous side.

Our new pieces are inspired by mid-century modern designs, when simple shapes made a star of wood grain. There’s no fuss or frills with the Joyce side tables, for example, it’s the material and easy style that make them stand out while slotting happily into any room.

Lincoln leather armchair; Lincoln fabric sofa; Joyce table; Ivor rug; Cell grey candle holder; Cell yellow candle holder; small Indie vase; Resist vase; large Indie vase; Toria vase; Toria platter; Antonn shelves; Pinta vase; large Copper vase; small Copper vase; Matador ceramic bull; Hop cushion; Edric cushion; Errol cushion; Dining table; Harrington jug; Harrington gravy boat; Harrington platter; Marti dining chairs; Sintra bowls; Sintra side plates

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