Skinny Linear

Black lineal profiles provide monochromal outlines to wind their way around your home.

Black dining table and chairs with black metal bookcase and ceiling light


This season the home is getting graphic. Look to lighting – the Quad ceiling light, in particular. Made from fine black wire formed of overlapping geometric shapes, it creates a striking multi-linear composition but the real magic happens when it’s lit. Or the hero piece of this trend – the Tingo bookcase. Its cast metal framework houses angled shelves putting a quirky spin on a must-have piece of furniture.

Tingo slanted wide and skimny black metal bookcase and shelving unit


Who knew straight and simple could be so striking? The Nestor tables nail the Skinny Linear trend whilst their pared down design makes them timeless. A fine metal box base topped with marble, placed so it is almost floating. Sleek, sophisticated and statement making, they have the bones of a design classic. Keep it clean by arranging one on a hard surface or soften the edges by allowing it to sink into a deep pile rug.

Nestor marble and black metal frame coffee table and side table

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