The direction – bold paint and paper

There are no rules in modern decorating, what would once have been considered a clash now gets a big yes. Mixing chartreuse-toned Cumin paint and Woodgrain wallpaper in Mustard with Kingfisher paint, for instance, works brilliantly – just temper the palette with Coal paint (1). For more subtle contrast, paint two walls similar colours such as blue and purple (2).

For real drama, look to the darker end of the paint spectrum (3). Far from making a room feel smaller, darker paints blur its boundaries so it feel endless. They’re also the ideal backdrop for hits of brightly coloured furniture or bold artworks. Try Patrick Heron’s Blue Painting with Discs on a wall of Coal paint.

Habitat water-based matt emulsion can be used on surfaces including interior walls, ceilings, wood and even metal. Seal absorbent surfaces with a solution of up to one-part water to four-parts Habitat paint. Prepare with a basecoat for hairline cracks and surface imperfections.

Habitat’s paint collections can be viewed online, purchased in-store and in selected Homebase stores. Wallpaper can be bought online and in-store.

Woodgrain wallpaper; Kingfisher, Slate & Cumin paint; Manali table top; Kusa trestle legs; Industry pendant lamp 2  Comb & Cotton Stripe wallpaper; Kingfisher, Coal, Blueberry, Mustard & Mist paint; Hester table; Hester chairs 3  Pimento, Coal & Slate paint; Star Floral & Comb wallpaper 4 Beetroot paint; Boxes wallpaper; Tatsuma bed; Influence shelves

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