The direction – painterly pattern

Painterly is a key pattern in our collections this season. As senior design manager Rebecca Hoyes explained in our Behind the Design series, if the ceramics and textiles look artist’s studio-fresh, that’s down to brilliant digital printing techniques.

What began as a few strokes of Rebecca’s brush over an A4 sheet of Japanese paper, has been blown up into a king-size bedspread or placed on plates and bowls, perfectly replicated.

Being loose and relaxed, painterly patterns are perfect for mixing. Splashes, dips, daubs and strokes – think of your room like a sketchbook. Scales and textures, too, can be combined. Try this easy combination to update your sofa – an embroidered Alvey cushion, a watercolour Blot cushion and a rich indigo Jarvis throw.

We think the bright Estrella tableware collection is the perfect for serving a zingy recipe like chef Martin Morales‘ don ceviche – just one of the delicious recipes in our Cook it, Live it series.

Zulpo cushion; Blot cushion; Alvey embroidered cushion; Blot bedspread; Jarvis throw; Blot dinner plates; Blot side plates; Blot pasta plates; Blot mugs; Estrella jug; Estrella yellow bowl; Estrella orange bowl

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