The direction – star glazing

Creative glazing gives ceramics a sense of the maker’s hand. We love this way of working because it shoes how imperfection can result in beautiful objects. The Habitat design team seeks out small workshops and factories around the world which specialise in hand-finished earthenware.

‘We found a workshop in the middle of a garden in Thailand. It’s run by an elderly lady who cooks incredible food and serves it to you in her latest ceramics,’ says Polly Dickens, creative director. ‘That’s her sales pitch, and it works brilliantly! When ceramics are glazed by hand, every piece is different but the variation is what creates interest.’

Mix Habitat’s ceramics collections for the most relaxed dining look. In vases and accessories, too, there’s no need to focus on matching. A range of finishes and patterns gives the sense of a collection built up over time (even if you’ve bought it all online that day).

Strip tableware; Devon hi-ball glasses; Squash tumblers; Scratch bulb vase; Fernanda tall vase; Dip tableware; Splatter bowl and vase

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