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Dominating an Instagram feed or Pinterest board near you, ‘marble and brass’ is undoubtedly the interior world’s dynamic duo of 2017, and the foreseeable future. Yeah, yeah, you may think you’ve seen it all before but these traditional materials are being reclaimed and restyled for the modern home, bringing warmth and style to even the whitest of decors.

Reminiscent of 1970’s Italian high glamour, the combination of these materials is the epitome of modern luxury, effortlessly adding texture and shine to any room they may grace. But they also have enough punch to work on their own too. More lustrous than chrome and less ‘showy’ than gold, brass is the metal of the moment. Working well as a centrepiece or as a metallic accent, it emits a timeless sense of refinement. Similarly, marble – also known as everyone’s favourite Instagram flat-lay background – continues to reign supreme. In white, it illuminates while also adding a classic touch to any décor. As we move into autumn-winter, however, look out for darker marbles in black, brown and deep green.

Now, we know that not everyone has the budget to create a pad worthy of an eight-page glossy magazine spread, but with a dash of marble there and a hint of brass there, it’s easy to add a touch of luxe to your home, and your Instagram feed. We round up the marble and brass pieces guaranteed to spark endless “Where did you get that from?” questions.


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  1. PATSY gold mirror (also available in black)
  2. MARTEAU brass ceiling light
  3. NESTOR marble table
  4. CLARKE brass & plywood wall clock
  5. KURIKO marble & gold table lamp
  6. SNOW marble round platter
  7. MELROSE black & brass side table
  8. EUAN metal & marble floor lamp
  9. ORRICO brass coffee table

While trends may come and go, marble and brass have never really gone anywhere. So, if there’s a trend worth investing in, this is it. You won’t regret it.

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