Wimbledon-inspired colour schemes

If you can’t get enough of the whack, womp and whoosh of Wimbledon athletes bashing away at those tiny green balls, then perhaps a tennis-inspired interior is the name of the game. We know what you’re thinking: is it just a tad over the top? Well, not if done with a subtle, stylish twist. We’re not suggesting tennis racket pillows, after all. Think of it as a grown-up version of the sport-themed childhood bedroom. It’s a play on the colours of our famous summer event: green, white and red (for strawberries and cream, of course).


Try mixing Wimbledon’s classic hues for a modern, Habitat look. Start with a base of white and green, and layer with pops of strawberry red. Our Ottori white leather bed and Cleo bookcase would look smashing alongside the sumptuous emerald green velvet of the Abel armchair.



A Lula table lamp and Maury spotted clay vase will sit pretty atop the Kilo console table, and then, it’s time to get busy with red accents. Whether it’s a Zari red cotton throw or Zatti red-patterned reversible bedspread, the Wimbledon look depends on a punch of fiery colour.  You could also add a red Flap clock, or an Anouska sea grass basket for some texture.


There are combinations of red, white and green that will suit every style – even if you’re just dipping your toe in to the trend. Still not sure? Give Wimbledon an honorary solute with set of Dani coasters, a Tiki bird cushion and a red TamTam stool. Done.

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